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Last Night a Hacker Saved My Life



Hacker group Anonymous have found their true calling – hacktivism – or hacking for the social good. Their aim is now dislodging Isis from its comfortable home on the internet and social media. Last night they blocked a malicious Denial of Service (DNS) attack on the home site for the Campaign to Examine Islam, examine-islam.org, and have vowed to bring down the culprits.

Despite worldwide horror and condemnation at its acts, Isis accounts and websites have been able to function and draw followers to their sordid mission of murder through well funded videos and a campaign of ‘grooming’ or targeting young Muslims worldwide to join them.

Martha van der Pol, founder of the campaign to Examine Islam says:

“Since starting examine-islam.org, I have been contacted with threats by various extremists and Isis supporters, and have each time passed on the details to the Met Police’s Counter Terrorism Command Centre – each time to receive NO response whatsoever.

“It is clearly time for the ordinary citizens of the world to take dealing with terrorism into their own hands. Citizens are going to fight Isis independently and through groups such as Sons Of Liberty International , citizens are working through Social Media to try and bring about the acknowledgement of the Islamic terror problem and the action needed to deal with it.

“Anonymous Ghost Security is the one organisation which can and is making the difference which providers of web hosting services, social media companies, search engines and especially the police, are failing miserably with. That is – closing down and attacking Isis sites.”

Ghost Security is a splinter group of the Anonymous collective which conducts counterterrorism operations worldwide.

Made up of a special group of hacktivists sponsored by Anonymous, Ghost Security – or GhostSec – is now attacking websites and destroying networks used by pro-terrorist groups affiliated and sympathetic to ISIS. According to one of their tweets, GhostSec has attacked 233 websites – destroying 85 in the process – and “terminated” 25,000 Twitter accounts used by ISIS supporters.
Martha van der Pol says:
Through its security division Ghost Security, Anonymous is now on a global mission to help “cure the ISIS virus.”
“Contributing to this effort is critical if you want to rid the world of the evil cult of Isis. Currently the Anonymous fraternity receive no funding for the work they do – the countless hours of hacking for the good of the world, the costs they incur can run to $300 each per month. It is high time we all shared in this – since our governments are failing miserably to end the horrific butchery of humanity which Isis and its supporters are dishing out day after day around the world”.

A spokesperson for Anonymous Ghost Security says:

“If you would like to contribute to Ghost Security via donation our Bitcoin address can be found below. All funds received will go towards server maintenance expenses and hardware to combat the Islamic State.

Ghost Security Bitcoin Address:


More information:
WARNING – 18+ only – Anonymous OpIsis operational video can be found here but be warned it is graphic.
About Examine Islam:

Martha van der Pol founded the Examine Islam campaign following the Islamic terrorist attack on Parisian cartoonists Charlie Hebdo, and a Jewish Kosher supermarket in January 2015. The attacks marked a renewed commitment to harming Western democracy, freedom and security. Examine Islam’s mission is to tackle the failure on the part of Western leaders to properly acknowledge the deep running problem within Islam, and hence their failure to deal with it. This is putting innocent people in danger – from the vicious and senseless murder of Drummer Lee Rigby on London’s streets to the systematic grooming of English girls by Muslim rape gangs, we have been witnessing the failure of too many in the Islamic communities of the West to adapt the violent teachings of Islam’s foundational texts to a peaceful existence in the West. Isis and their followers and fellow travellers in the West are merely following the edicts of Muhammad in the Koran and Hadiths, such as:

“…The penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger …. is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land.” [Quran 5: 33]

Please support Examine Islam by subscribing to our newsletter – we are soon to launch with a new petition and you will thus be first to know. Please also donate as much as you can by making an email payment anonymously to marthavanderpol@gmail.com



Too afraid to sound like a ‘bigot’ to name the true threat

This fascinating take on Islam and the Western fear of sounding like ‘bigots’ by naming the problem of Islam, rather choosing to ascribe it to lone wolf attacks or spurious ‘Islamism’ – despite what all the Jihadis tell us – they are doing it for Islam!


This article is horrific – but when the West is considering what to do about Isis – it is essential reading (unfortunately) – not one for kids.




We cannot afford to continue ignoring Islamic threats.

Since the global recession started in 2008, we have all had to make do, accept cuts to pay cheques and to public services just so as not to go bust. In the UK we hear our government is considering cutting our armed forces to under 50,000 in the next Parliament, and is struggling to keep defence spending to 2% of GDP.

Police escort an Islamist demonstrator marching to protest outside the US embassy in London

Our health service is stretched beyond what is reasonable, and the poorest are surviving on food from food banks. Yet despite all this belt-tightening, we heard yesterday that Jihadi John’s family is now receiving police protection at a cost to the UK tax-payer of £5000 per week. I would say it is entirely debatable whether they really are in danger here anyway – for the British people are not prone to lynching people for the sins of their children.

We have put up with Muslim rape gangs all over the UK – not one lynching of any Muslims. We have put up with the horrific slaying of one of our soldiers in our streets – not one lynching followed. In fact – there is simply NO basis for the fanciful premise that somehow there is a rampant Islamophobic threat to Muslims in this country. Frankly – Muslims are safer in the UK than they would be back in Muslim nations where Muslims are routinely killed by other Muslims. It is us non-Muslims who are increasingly at risk from Muslims in our own countries – yet this is not dealt with adequately by our leaders. Rather, valuable money is spent protecting Muslims from OUR non-existent hatred!

The fact that we are not lynching anybody is a great testament to our civilised nature – but it is not to say that the people of Britain are overjoyed at their hospitality and tax money being squandered on people who are so ungrateful as to throw it back in our faces in the most vicious ways. Clearly, had the Emwazis not brought up a son who now specialises in the public beheading of innocents from the UK and elsewhere, there would be no need (even imaginary) for such expensive protection.

In fact this family was so ungrateful that Britain had fed, housed and educated them since taking them in as asylum seekers in 1992 that they never bothered to work for their living – relying on the state to pay for absolutely everything. We’ll never know what they taught their children precisely, but it can’t have been a love of Britain, Western values, a sense of fair play, patriotism to the land which gave them a safe home away from the ‘danger’ they claimed back in Kuwait (even though daddy Emwazi seems to have no problem residing back there today), or a sense of gratitude to the British people for having done so much for them for so long.

So instead of despatching this ungrateful family back to Kuwait where they could clearly live in safety again, we are spending £5000 per week protecting them from imaginary threats.

Similarly, we spent at least £2.75 million on funding hook hand Abu Hamza during his stay in the UK where he and his family lived solely off the tax payer, and he engaged in open treason and sedition on the streets of London, preaching hate and violent Jihad against us. Yet the state did nothing for decades of this – until finally Theresa May managed to deport him in this Parliament.

Around all mosques in the country today, you will see men in traditional dress milling around during the day – whilst everyone else in the country is hard at work at their desks. Not all of these people can be their own boss, business owners who can work the hours they please. Surely it is not too difficult to imagine many are indeed living off the state? And yet nothing is done. And at the same time we KNOW that there is blatant hate preaching going on in these Mosques, whilst we work to pay welfare for the attendees so they may be free from the hassle of work, to listen to it.

Baroness Flather, who was Britain’s first female Asian peer said in September 2011 that Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities were failing to adopt the values of British society and said they should have their benefits slashed.

In a speech the House of Lords during the second reading of the Welfare Reform Bill, she said: “The minority communities in this country, particularly the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis, have a very large number of children and the attraction is the large number of benefits that follow the child.

“Nobody likes to accept that, nobody likes to talk about it because it is supposed to be very politically incorrect.”

Baroness Flather has been accused of stirring up hatred for this comment – yet it is backed up with facts:

“…compared with the UK average of 22% of the working age population being economically inactive, Somali, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Iranian immigrants are likely to be 81%, 56%, 55% and 48% economically inactive respectively” – (Migration Watch report)

This is a problem of false concern for the ‘rights’ of these immigrant populations to continue to live here without learning English, to continue to have large families and even to have more than one wife. This is a clear example of both Labour and Coalition governments putting the ‘rights’ of immigrants over those of the existing population. The same Migration Watch report shows that the cost in terms of benefits for a family on low incomes is huge, over a lifetime:

“There is a high concentration of immigrants in London. For example it is estimated that 70% of illegal immigrants live in London.[1] As rents are considerably higher in London, the total lifetime costs for a two child family resident in London is £1.1million, of which £505,000 is Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.”

Pamela Geller, noted Islam critic, states this blunt summation of why so many Muslims are living off British welfare:

“53% of Muslim men are depending upon the kuffar. It’s the jiyza. It’s the duty of non-Muslim to pay for the upkeep of the non-Muslim”. – (See more at: Pamela Geller.com)

Yet still our governments pretend that we are a cohesive society where Muslims are contributing just as much as anyone else. Clearly, this is a complete lie – and it is the British people who suffer for this unfair situation in 2 ways – our national income is depleted in paying for these people who make every effort NOT to work, and our national security is jeopardised as they bring up children whose sole aims are to replace our Western democracy with a hateful Sharia Islamic theocracy. This is what terrorists want, and this is why they do not work – to have more time to plot terror and simultaneously drain our public purse.

This is why our government is letting us down. Rather than dealing with this clear abuse of our tolerance and generosity, it merely pretends there is a risk to Muslims from US, decent upstanding citizens! It claims there is rampant ‘Islamophobia’ when rather there is rampant hatred of non-Muslims BY Muslims alone – the ongoing revelations of the extent of ‘rape jihad’ (rape of young white girls by Muslim men) is proof if proof were needed – whilst there are clearly some Muslims who contribute and love this nation – there are far, far TOO MANY who hate us and abuse our tolerance to further their intolerance.

To the shame of the Crown Prosecution Service, who decided NOT to prosecute him when they could have, another would-be terrorist has just been sentenced to a long prison stay in New York state for plotting to blow up Manchester’s Arndale Centre. Incredibly, the police had seized this Pakistani on a fake student visa, found that he had been in regular contact with Al-Quaeda back in Pakistan and that he and his gang were plotting a Mumbai-style attack on the UK. Despite all the evidence the CPS decided not to prosecute him and let him back onto the UK streets where, had the US not demanded his extradition and successfully prosecuted him, he would no doubt by now have savagely taken the lives from a number of innocents.

There are daily examples of Muslims who were born and brought up in the UK and Europe who ‘out of the blue’ decide to become Jihadis, leave for Syria or kill people on home soil. At least this is how it is presented in the media and by our politicians. As if, without Islam, without having been brought up in a Muslim home or ‘radicalised’ by ‘hate preachers’ (preaching Islam) this would still have happened? Well, sure – there are nutters who ‘go postal’ and engage in mass killings without Islam. But the glaringly obvious fact is that these were unavoidable – with Jihad however, it is avoidable. How? Well simply by banning Islam, banning these vile ‘hate preachers’, banning all Jihadi intoned media (satellite and online) and engaging in a concerted campaign of civil education to remove Islam as an option for people.

Isn’t this too extreme a reaction? Well, it would be if it were based on a single solitary event. But Islam has been the cause of so much violence and death since 1980 (full list of atrocities here), and this is simply growing since the eruption of Isis and their claiming to have set up an Islamic caliphate (religious state) last year. It is now becoming insane not to address the core reasons for Islam’s seeming inexorable need for death and destruction.

The prophet said, “I have been awarded victory by terror; so the treasures of the earth are mine.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 9:127)

“….The prophet had their men killed, their children and women taken captive. The captives divided among the Muslims. Then the Messenger began taking the homes and property that were closest to him.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari/ Vol 5:512)

These quotes from Muhammad’s biography the Hadith are accepted as truth in the Sunni Muslim world (large majority of Muslims worldwide are Sunni) and Muslims are told to emulate and love this prophet despite this love of murder and looting. Yet I say ‘despite’ inadvertently – for in Islam there is absolutely no moral basis against murder or looting so long as it is done to infidels. Anything is allowed so long as Islam is spread globally until Islamic sharia law is the only law and Islam the only religion.

“Allah revealed His will to the angels, saying: ‘I shall be with you. Give courage to the believers. I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers!’ That was because they defied Allah and His apostle. He that defies Allah and his apostle shall be sternly punished by Allah.” (Koran – Sura 8.12-13)

YUSUFALI: Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. (Koran 009.029)

The quotes above from Koran are merely two of at least 160 verses of hate towards non-believers. It has to be accepted – unless one is a Muslim (and the right kind of Muslim at that for Sunni hate Shia and vice versa) – one is the enemy of Islam and thus Muslims (those who can be bothered to) have the right, given to them by their ‘god’, to destroy us. It doesn’t matter whether Muslims are living in the West or anywhere else – it is their religious duty to spread Islam until we infidel are subdued. That is what is meant by ‘Islam is a religion of Peace’ – it means that in Muslim eyes there will be peace on earth ONLY once Islam is spread to every corner of the globe and Sharia law is the only law. This is what ALL jihadis believe – and we in the West had better start believing this too – before we end up like Indonesia, which was once a Hindu/Buddhist nation, which has been turned into a Muslim state first by immigration then violent take-over. The same can be said for India and Afghanistan which were Hindu/Buddhist until Muslims came and took over by force – hence Pakistan. It is estimated at least 80 million Hindus were killed during the Muslim rule of parts of India. M.A. Khan who wrote about Islam in India in ‘Islamic Jihad’ says this about Islam:

“After 9/11, Khan began reading the scriptures of Islam and realized that Islam is actually a manifesto of open-ended war against non-Muslims for converting them or for subjugating them into horribly degraded dhimmi subjects.”

The problem we have in the UK is that any criticism of Islam or the actions of Muslims is immediately decried to be ‘racist’, ‘intolerant’, ‘far-right’ or even ‘fascism’. Yet it is the precise opposite of all these – we who oppose Islam are opposed to the racism, intolerance and fascism of Islam! We would have lived happily with Muslims had they not started to abuse our tolerance and freedom and generosity – had they not started to wage war against us by preaching hatred against us and attacking us. The huge number of ex-Muslims working today to bring the truth about Islam to light is testimony to this – after all, they ought to know. (Read more here, here and here).

How can we have gotten to the state where now Jews have to have armed guards protecting their places of worship? How is it possible that today Soldiers are advised not to wear uniform outside for fear of attack? Anyone is at risk from Islam – we know of the Arndale bomber (above) who was planning a Mumbai style attack on us – the question is simply – Who and Where will the next Islamic attack destroy? Why are our politicians not doing anything about this? Why are they all still pretending that Islam is a peaceful religion when it has shown it cannot coexist anywhere without eventually beginning to demand special treatment, followed by abusing the system and them violent attacks. Why are our leaders not protecting US, the innocent public? Why are they instead spending our money looking after those who would destroy us?

There has been news of new measures being prepared by the government to tackle extremism – but I would argue that these are still far wide of the mark:

“A leaked draft of the Home Office’s new counter-extremism strategy, seen by The Telegraph, targets Sharia courts and calls for a ban on radicals working unsupervised with children over fears the young could be brainwashed.

Other measures include a requirement that staff at job centres identify vulnerable claimants who may become targets for radicalisation, after public outrage at people who hate Britain being able to live off the state.

There will also be an introduction of penalties in the benefits system to make people learn English to improve their integration into British society.

The rules on granting citizenship will also be tightened to ensure new residents embrace “British values”. (From The Telegraph).

Clearly – all of these should have been in place from the first immigration by Muslims into this country. Certainly since 7/7 our state should have been tough on immigrants who live off the state and spread hatred. Sharia should never have been allowed and English should be a basic requirement before immigration – as otherwise we are simply cooking up a mess where hundreds of thousands (millions?) simply move here and never work! When we are facing cuts to all our services, when pensioners who have worked hard all their lives are having to live off charity in their old age, there is simply no excuse to continue ignoring the threat of Islam – not only to our national security but also to our national finances.

We cannot keep funding a growing population of people who won’t work and who raise children who want to kill us. This simple fact is behind the popularity of UKIP – because none of the mainstream parties are honest enough to publicly acknowledge the fact that Muslim immigration has not been working for this country and something must be done about it sooner rather than later. If we do nothing – we are simply waiting for the next terrorist horror to be perpetrated against us by Muslims whom we pay too heavily for the ‘privilege’ of hosting.

This should be a Conservative issue – even a Labour one – the people of this country of whatever colour and creed who work hard and pay their taxes honestly are being robbed of their jobs, services and even their lives by immigrants who do not play by the same rules. The poorest workers are seeing their jobs going to those who will work for little – but ALL of us are paying too heavy a toll for Muslim immigrants who simply feed off the system and give nothing back but terror and hatred. All our political parties SHOULD be doing and saying more about this to make this behaviour publicly derided as unacceptable.

As a friend of mine who is a lawyer has said, anyone engaged in activities that are counter our national interests should quite rightly be prosecuted under existing Treason law –

“Treason… is a suitably flexible term that applies to most of the vast range of activities that UK Jihadis get up to without the necessity to ban everyone else from doing everything else. Moreover it also has the entirely appropriate stigma that is important for crime prevention and draws a clear moral opprobrium against traitors to the country.”

It is the moral opprobirum and social stigma that is missing today – and our politicians and our media are guilty of colluding with Islamists to remove this from Muslim criminals by pretending it has ‘nothing to do with Islam’. There is therefore a huge gap in understanding with the public about the reality of Islam and the false image of Islam portrayed by media and politicians – this is why we are blindly walking into a state of dhimmitude or subserviency to Islam. This is why we MUST demand our leaders stop the lying and start acting in the interests of people who only want peace and tolerance to reign in this land once again.

Please sign and share the petition to examine Islam widely – https://www.change.org/p/president-dean-spielmann-examine-whether-islam-is-antithetical-to-human-rights






Derived Religion: Mixing Fact and Fancy to Foster a Personal Agenda

I am very proud to be able to publish this inspiring essay exclusively on my blog, by Dr Johannes Reuchlin, a multi-disciplinary intellectual historian who has taught institutional history as well as comparative religion. Dr Johannes examines Islam with the benefit of his specialism in comparative religion and history, and finds it sorely wanting, failing to meet the criteria to call itself a true religion;

Islam is one of countless historical movements which developed a quasi-religious framework to justify its domination of people, though, completely misrepresenting the dogma, ethics, and history which they claim as their theological source.” 

Daesh (ISIL) has unleashed the hounds of Hell, the realm of demons, as it brutalizes all that should be loved instead in order to stop the flow of everything finite to the divine.”

Dr Johannes Reuchlin, 2015.

At present there is a concern about the proliferation of “radical” Islam (Daesh cutthroats) and the danger it poses to global society. The question that has come to mind is how and why did this happen. It was difficult to come to terms with the violent movement spreading across the Mid-East, Africa, and making itself felt in Europe and sporadically in North America.

For me it was especially difficult to comprehend as years ago I taught a Humanistic Psychology Course where I stated that it was my hope that ultimately the student would come to realize that perfection belongs to and comes forth from spiritual understanding and that all power and reality exist in the Spirit – in the unformed ideas of the one Mind of which we are a part and which exists within each one of us. The truth, one could argue, is that we are inherently and irrevocably spiritual beings. Perfection is innate in man and this must be expressed in our spirit, soul, and body so that we can become that which were created to be and that which we are all the time in the real inner truth of our being. This merely reflects what Theologians and Existential philosophers had been writing about for 2000 years. Still it contradicts what we have experienced from radical ISLAM in the recent past.

As I sought to formulate an answer I came across a notion posted by David C. Pack that “Most people never reflect on WHY they believe what they believe or do what they do. In a world filled with popular customs and traditions, few seek to understand the origin of things. Most generally accept common religious practices without question, choosing to do what everyone else does because it is easy, natural and comfortable—they can be ‘in step.’” This though was not a satisfying answer to what is going on. I then began to ponder the history of Islam, and yes there was a time when Islamic Culture contributed a great deal to the world in the fields of Science, Mathematics, Astronomy, and Literature for example. Ancient literature was translated into Arabic and a good many writings of the ancient world survived through those translations. But that was another time. The Caliphate at Cordoba fostered learning and was tolerant of Christians, and Jews.

Continue reading Derived Religion: Mixing Fact and Fancy to Foster a Personal Agenda

The Violence of Isis is in the Koran – Raymond Ibrahim

Raymond Ibrahim, author of ‘Crucified Again’ on the Glazov Gang – well worth watching because of the clarity of the speakers on how Islam causes terror –

“Those people who are the most draconian, the most vicious, are following Islam most closely…Islam as a ‘religion’ is very much supportive of Isis’.”

“Islamic scripture orders what Isis is doing – slaughter everyone. This reality is so well documented in the core texts of Islam and we choose to ignore this.

“If poverty caused people to become terrorists – there would also be Christian terrorists. Yet we don’t have a single example of this from Christians acting for Jesus – because there is no theological basis for terror in the Bible the way there is in the core texts of Islam – Koran and Hadith”

“Obama is enabling Jihad. He comes from an Islamic background …. he knows better…. he should and could do more.

“I’m trying to open minds – against political correctness and censorship – it’s so hard to get the message out about Islam”.

Please sign and share this petition demanding our leaders – POTUS  – at present Obama but whoever that will be come 2016, David Cameron and the UN to examine Islam for Human Rights abuses:


Why I Think the West Needs to Examine Islam

Brick LaneA man leaves the Brick Lane Jamme Masjid mosque after Friday prayers in east London(Reuters)

“Free Exercise of Religion? No, Thanks.The taming and domestication of religious faith is one of the unceasing chores of civilization,” Christopher Hitchens.

I’ve been having rather a delightful conversation with a young secular Muslim these last few days. He’s been asking me why I started the Examine Islam petition.  When I speak to lovely people with a Muslim background, it is difficult for me to square the fact that I think there is a massive problem with Islam, with the fact that so many Muslims are lovely people. I am not alone in seeing huge problems with Islam – many others do – as the growing number of signatories to the Examine Islam petition which I started shows. The reasons people are giving are very moving, and never anything mean or ‘Islamophobic’ – but more to do with wanting to protect the peace and Human Rights which we take for granted in the West yet which were nonetheless hard-won. Continue reading Why I Think the West Needs to Examine Islam

From the Koran – Verses of Peace and Love – Oh Wait….


So still not satisfied that Islam contains within it not just the seeds of evil but also the orders and acts which should be carried out in its name? Well please read these verses of light and beauty from the Koran – 

And slay them wherever you catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out, for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter. 2:191


And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and let there prevail justice and faith in Allah; but if they cease, let there be no hostility except to those who practice oppression. 2:193

  Continue reading From the Koran – Verses of Peace and Love – Oh Wait….

The Hadith, Life of Muhammad – The Root of Isis and Islam’s Fondness for Terrorism.


If you are still doubtful about where Isis are getting the inspiration for their hideous acts of evil – look no further than Islamic narrations of Muhammad’s life. The ‘Hadith’ are full of the evils of Muhammad himself – please see the below extracts from hadithcollection.com – these are the accepted Islamic sources so Muslims cannot blame ‘Islamophobia’ for bringing them up. Muhammad is seen as the ‘ideal man’ who should be emulated – so his actions as retold in the Hadith are a serious indictment of Islam as a fit belief system for the civilised free world. The actions of Isis, Al-quaeda and all the terrorists we in the West have suffered from are all inspired by the core of Islamic texts. See for yourself how beheading and stoning were ordered by Muhammad himself:

Narrated By Abu Zur’a bin ‘Amr bin Jarir : The Prophet said during Hajjat-al-Wada’, “Let the people be quiet and listen to me. After me, do not become disbelievers, by striking (cutting) the necks of one another.” goo.gl/WoIFx2

Continue reading The Hadith, Life of Muhammad – The Root of Isis and Islam’s Fondness for Terrorism.

Defeat Jihad Summit – 6 Hours of Beautiful Clarity – Please Watch for Reason’s Sake.

This is 6 hours long but has some of the bravest, sharpest counter-jihadists standing up for freedom, human dignity and Human Rights globally. Offering solutions and exposing the problem we are facing today from Islam – one of existential threat to our freedoms as human beings, globally. Muslims are more affected than non-Muslims from Jihadi violence, but the roots start in Islam and the texts, including the Hadith (life of Mohammed). This conference puts an end to the ‘wooly headed’ tradition of calling Islam the ‘Religion of Peace’. This video clarifies that – there is an inherent and powerful core of violence in Islam. Not all Muslims obey this but enough do to create the barbarity of Isis, Boko Haram, Al-Quaeda, etc etc.

Please please watch it (it starts around 30 mins in). Then take action – write to your political representatives – MPs, Senators etc and demand that they confront the ROOT cause of Jihad – Islam.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz among others. Go to securefreedom.org – for related free downloadable books including the Secure Freedom Strategy.

Please sign and share the important petition asking world leaders to examine Islam as being antithetical to Human Rights.


The Dilemma of Islamic Terrorism – by Ali Sina. When ex-Muslims speak – we’d better listen.

This article by the ex-Muslim Ali Sina evocatively captures the problem with Islam and what should be done about it. It leaves space for Muslims to listen to the facts about Islam which he trusts will help them turn away from the belief system, but it also states powerfully that:

“I am not in favor of mass deportation, and less in favor of casting terror in the hearts of Muslims. I hope to set them free with truth so they can be our friends, instead of our enemy. But the last thing I want is for the entire world to become Islamic State. I rather see Muslims expelled from Europe, America and Australia, even by force and coercion, than billions butchered by them a generation from now. I witnessed Shah’s cowardice when he failed to gun down a few hundred protesters in the Islamic uprising of 1979 and as the result over a million Iranians were killed by the Islamic regime and the country has become a giant prison. So I know a thing or two about pragmatism. If Islam is allowed to win it means the end of human civilization. If Islam wins, humanity will enter a dark age from which it can never emerge.”  Ali Sina.

Continue reading The Dilemma of Islamic Terrorism – by Ali Sina. When ex-Muslims speak – we’d better listen.