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Last Night a Hacker Saved My Life



Hacker group Anonymous have found their true calling – hacktivism – or hacking for the social good. Their aim is now dislodging Isis from its comfortable home on the internet and social media. Last night they blocked a malicious Denial of Service (DNS) attack on the home site for the Campaign to Examine Islam, examine-islam.org, and have vowed to bring down the culprits.

Despite worldwide horror and condemnation at its acts, Isis accounts and websites have been able to function and draw followers to their sordid mission of murder through well funded videos and a campaign of ‘grooming’ or targeting young Muslims worldwide to join them.

Martha van der Pol, founder of the campaign to Examine Islam says:

“Since starting examine-islam.org, I have been contacted with threats by various extremists and Isis supporters, and have each time passed on the details to the Met Police’s Counter Terrorism Command Centre – each time to receive NO response whatsoever.

“It is clearly time for the ordinary citizens of the world to take dealing with terrorism into their own hands. Citizens are going to fight Isis independently and through groups such as Sons Of Liberty International , citizens are working through Social Media to try and bring about the acknowledgement of the Islamic terror problem and the action needed to deal with it.

“Anonymous Ghost Security is the one organisation which can and is making the difference which providers of web hosting services, social media companies, search engines and especially the police, are failing miserably with. That is – closing down and attacking Isis sites.”

Ghost Security is a splinter group of the Anonymous collective which conducts counterterrorism operations worldwide.

Made up of a special group of hacktivists sponsored by Anonymous, Ghost Security – or GhostSec – is now attacking websites and destroying networks used by pro-terrorist groups affiliated and sympathetic to ISIS. According to one of their tweets, GhostSec has attacked 233 websites – destroying 85 in the process – and “terminated” 25,000 Twitter accounts used by ISIS supporters.
Martha van der Pol says:
Through its security division Ghost Security, Anonymous is now on a global mission to help “cure the ISIS virus.”
“Contributing to this effort is critical if you want to rid the world of the evil cult of Isis. Currently the Anonymous fraternity receive no funding for the work they do – the countless hours of hacking for the good of the world, the costs they incur can run to $300 each per month. It is high time we all shared in this – since our governments are failing miserably to end the horrific butchery of humanity which Isis and its supporters are dishing out day after day around the world”.

A spokesperson for Anonymous Ghost Security says:

“If you would like to contribute to Ghost Security via donation our Bitcoin address can be found below. All funds received will go towards server maintenance expenses and hardware to combat the Islamic State.

Ghost Security Bitcoin Address:


More information:
WARNING – 18+ only – Anonymous OpIsis operational video can be found here but be warned it is graphic.
About Examine Islam:

Martha van der Pol founded the Examine Islam campaign following the Islamic terrorist attack on Parisian cartoonists Charlie Hebdo, and a Jewish Kosher supermarket in January 2015. The attacks marked a renewed commitment to harming Western democracy, freedom and security. Examine Islam’s mission is to tackle the failure on the part of Western leaders to properly acknowledge the deep running problem within Islam, and hence their failure to deal with it. This is putting innocent people in danger – from the vicious and senseless murder of Drummer Lee Rigby on London’s streets to the systematic grooming of English girls by Muslim rape gangs, we have been witnessing the failure of too many in the Islamic communities of the West to adapt the violent teachings of Islam’s foundational texts to a peaceful existence in the West. Isis and their followers and fellow travellers in the West are merely following the edicts of Muhammad in the Koran and Hadiths, such as:

“…The penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger …. is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land.” [Quran 5: 33]

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