Banning Books – Mein Kampf and Koran

BBC Panorama’s ‘The Battle for British Islam’ makes scary viewing. The numbers of lovely, integrated, cheery and intelligent modern Muslims are so few compared to the mass agreeing with a preacher that Sharia law is the best law for all humans. The media likes to show these nice fluffy friendly Muslims as if they represent all Muslims in the UK.

This is a problem, because there is clearly a massive number of conservative Muslims which don’t make it to public consciousness until we hear of the worst of their behaviour. Honour killings or abuse of girls such as in Rotherham, or the Birmingham Muslim school scandal make the headlines. But beneath these high level abuses are lower level hate crimes that go on daily, and are seemingly ignored by the police for fear of hurting community cohesion (Islamic sensitivity).

Incredibly, the Islamist group Hizbut tahir is allowed to exist in the UK – here is their website. It makes for scary reading. They even have drafted a constitution for Islamic Australia! Read it here for an insight into the group’s not very tolerant ideal society. and in an article entitled ‘Have you apologised yet’ make the case that Muslims should NOT apologise for the Charlie Hebdo massacre not just because (of course) not all Muslims were involved, but on a more sinister level because:

“At its most fundamental level an apology glosses over major injustices that have happened against Muslims. Charlie Hebdo is hardly a neutral balanced publication. It has been provoking Muslims and other minorities for years. Those insisting on supporting the Je Suis Charlie (I am Charlie) campaign should ask themselves if this includes the cowardly edition that mocked the brave Muslims massacred by Egypt’s General Sisi after a rally (imagine the response if Muslim satirists responded by mocking the Charlie Hebdo dead) as well as the disturbing edition that mocked the victims of rape apparently committed by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

But at a deeper level it totally ignores France’s treatment of its Muslim minority. Banning hijab, arresting those that pray the morning prayers at the Mosque, restricting working in public sector jobs for practicing Muslims, denial of social security, lack of employment and demonising them to such a state that parallels to Hitler’s treatment of Jews can be drawn. It is as if these attacks are the start of the story, while the real backstory is conveniently glossed over.”

Allied with completely false and noxious expressions of the Myth of Muslim Oppression above, there is a puritanical Islam present and active in Europe, which attempts to take over our world, and make areas of our nations such as UK’s Tower Hamlets into ‘Muslim only’ or mini-Sharia inspired regions. Run by Muslim councillors and with 34.5% Muslim residents, it is a worrying example of increasing Muslim control of parts of the West. The Muslim-run council erected the Palestinian flag over the town hall, and last summer even the Isis flag was flown in the Crooks estate. A governor at a school in Tower Hamlets was a member of Hizbut-tahir and the school has been investigated for extremism allegations.

Islam Channel, mentioned in the Panorama programme above, is very scary indeed – with a message telling Muslims every hour that the channel speaks for oppressed Muslims and gives a voice to voiceless ones. This repetition of the MYTH of Muslim Victimhood clearly feeds the irrational view which motivates Islamism that Muslims worldwide are somehow being systematically oppressed. This sort of ‘alternative view’ clearly helps spread this ideology and helps Muslims who watch nothing else and meet no other peoples to further insulate themselves from the modern Western world they live in.

So Islam cloaks itself in the Myth of Islamic Persecution and Oppression (totally false) whilst barefacedly taking over parts of our world and driving us out. Already millions in Europe are eating Halal meat without knowing it to serve Islam’s needs, Jews are being driven out of France in numbers following Islamist attacks on their people, and Sharia law is recognised in the UK. Our police ignore racist attacks BY Muslims for fear of harming ‘cultural sensitivities’.

Islamic reaction online to the massacre in Paris last week was to scream unfair bias and misrepresentation.  ‘Extremism does NOT cause terrorism’ and ‘We are NOT charlie’  are further examples of the complete VACUUM on Islamist media relating to a proper discussion of what could be wrong with Islam and particularly with conservative Islam.

There is no excuse for our governments not to take a stronger stance on this – in the light of the violent terror which has been meted out to the population it is madness to allow conservative Muslims media outlets which perpetuate the fantasy cult of Muslim victimhood and supremacism.  An example of this thinking in action:

“UN Security Council’s Resolution regarding Chemical Weapons Reveals the Reality of the Colonial Kuffar They Stand United to Disarm All Sources of Power from the Muslim” Hizbut tahir ‘Real Change’.

Islamism paints the entire non-Muslim world as opposed to theirs (we are Kuffars). But it is not just potential terrorists who think this way. There is a large and growing base of puritanical Islam which advocates not only special behaviour (modest dress and behaviour, observance etc) on their own people, but also wants to alter the behaviour of the rest of the people – ie non-Muslims to fit with their insane concept of what is ‘right’. So models on advertising billboards not sufficiently covered up are painted black, signs appear telling people ‘this is a Sharia zone – no Muslims allowed’ come up, and non-Muslims are made to feel unwelcome and even abused in their own land.

This is where Islamists try and fudge the issue – they will say that we should ban offensive material such as Charlie Hebdo because attacking their prophet is worse than attacking their children. Yet at the same time, if we rightly begin to examine the hate-mongering propaganda they are producing on Islam Channel and Islamist websites etc. they will scream that we are abusing their right to freedom of speech. Islamism is a massive business of double-think. It thinks nothing of abusing our freedoms to bring about their society where the same freedoms will be banned. This is actively promoted as an act of Jihad against us unbelievers.

The issue of banning material that is likely to offend is rightly uncontested in the case of Hitler’s Mein Kampf (which goes out of copyright this year and the debate has begun about whether or not to print it). Mein Kampf was authored by the man responsible for leading Germans to its second World War and to the targeted killing of 12 million people, 6 million of them Jews. Clearly, Germany was right in banning the printing of it since the War almost destroyed their nation and humanity. They also ban denial of the Holocaust very rightly to prevent any specks of the hateful Fascist feeling returning to their lands.

But banning material that Muslims find offensive would be giving in to the terrorists who slaughtered 17 people in Paris in the name of their prophet.

There is a massive difference between our free speech and theirs however – when they get offended – they kill. When we hear their messages of hate for us – we switch channels. Charlie Hebdo cartoons have not caused non-Muslims to go and slaughter Muslims, but rather, Muslims to slaughter non-Muslims! Yet already Islamist commentators are claiming that the attacks were understandable in light of the offence caused and that more will come.

Islam is attempting to wrest freedom of speech and use it to their advantage – calling for limits on it when it attacks them, but using it when it suits them to attack us.

“The atmosphere on campuses has gotten repressive enough that comedian Chris Rock no longer plays colleges. Citing examples such as University of California at Berkeley students trying to bar an appearance by Bill Maher because of his anti-Muslim jokes, Rock told New York that he “stopped playing colleges, and the reason is because they’re way too conservative… Not in their political views—not like they’re voting Republican—but in their social views and their willingness not to offend anybody… You can’t even be offensive on your way to being inoffensive.” From the Daily Beast

The point is – us Westerners making silly jokes hasn’t killed anyone. Islamists are comparing our mocking of their religion (something we also do of Christianity – quite rightly) is tantamount to Hitler’s anti-Jew ideology. Yet it is blatantly not! It is Islam which hates Jews and massacred them since the prophet’s time, which hates Israel and targets Jews specifically in attacks. In fact, the Diary of Anne Frank is banned in Lebanon for “portray[ing] Jews, Israel or Zionism favorably”.[30]

It is NOT US who are killing Muslims but they us.

It is NOT US who oppose Islamists who are the Nazis – it is Islamism itself which holds Fascist ideology.

Not all free speech is created equal – Islamic Free Speech kills

Ours just intends to make people laugh – and they kill us for it!

In fact, Hitler loved Islam and Islam in turn cooperated with the Nazis in WWII and fought in its armies:

“In speeches, Hitler made apparently warm references towards Muslim culture such as: “The peoples of Islam will always be closer to us than, for example, France”.[1]  From Wikipedia.

Waffen-SS, 13. Gebirgs-Div. "Handschar"

Hate crime and terrorist activity is incited by Islamist materials, media and preachers. Worldwide we are  suffering daily attacks on civilisation from the hand of extremist Islamists.

Substitute ‘Islamist/Muslims/Koran/prophet’ for ‘Nazi/Mein Kampf’/Hitler in the following sentence and you will see the logic:

“To stop the propagation of this hateful ideology you would certainly ban ALL Islamist preaching and media immediately. If  these steps didn’t work – ban the Koran. The brutal oppression and domination of people by Muslims has gone on since their prophet began having revelations and will not stop. The terror in Europe proves this, sadly”.

Banning Mein Kampf was founded on true horror. So would banning Islamist expressions of free speech – they incite hatred of everyone but the most puritanical of Muslims and incite terror acts. Yet our governments and media baulk at the suggestion because ‘Muslims are citizens too’ – but citizens who avow a special status as Muslims, who require a special behaviour from themselves and from society – Halal, Sharia etc.

Most importantly, they are a group of people whose members have repeatedly attacked the rest of us and made it clear they do not want to be part of us. Pre-WWII Jew-hatred was founded on lies andthe blood libel. Jews never flew planes into skyscrapers nor killed and attempted to behead soldiers. In fact, Israel is founded on the belief in the need to be strong and warlike to defend the Jews as before WWII Jews simply were not defending themselves – they feared upsetting their host nations.

Islam is completely different – it demands special treatment, openly propagates hate and actively kills our people. Yet it compares itself to the Jews it hates more than any other people? How are we allowing this to happen?

Even considering banning OUR silly jokes or commentary or rightful anger in the face of Islam is contorting the issue to suit the Islamist agenda. Our free speech does NOT lead to abuse of Muslims. Their corrupted version of free speech – hate preaching – leads to converts to Islamist causes and ultimately to terrorist activity.

Our cartoons never led us to fly packed Jets into their high-rise blocks, or slaughter Muslims with Kalashnikovs. Because that is not what we want. We want to be able to laugh, criticise, talk – it actually helps us be civilised. In the Islamic world it’s the opposite – speech is used to incite hatred, spread Myths and Conspiracy Theories (eg. that the Jews planned 9/11 or Mossad the Paris attacks) and spread hate. We don’t hate Muslims – but sadly they have made us fear them by constantly attacking us. We didn’t want a war with them – they want one with us. We want them to leave us alone and leave them alone – they immigrate to our lands and try and change them. They attack us, we defend ourselves.

Islamists try and pervert our rational attempts at establishing order in our lands after the evil atrocities of their attacks on us by hijacking the freedom of speech issue thus:

“…it is used as a justification for a variety of other measures against Muslims. Both 9/11 and 7/7 precipitated a raft of legislation targeting Muslims, ironically curtailing their right to criticise government foreign policy, as well as a host of quite targeted measures such as “stop and search” against them. There is very little evidence that these measures have stopped any attacks and they have a low success rate. Only the naïve would think these laws would be used solely against Muslims.” From Have you apologised yet?

Islam and Islamism are both in the business of double-think. What is good for their followers is not good for us. But sadly our Western commentators are getting tied up in knots over this issue too:

“In fact, hate-speech laws may even become a reality. AnOctober 2014 Economist/YouGov poll found roughly equal amounts of Americans supporting and opposing “a law that would make it a crime for people to make comments that advocate genocide or hatred against an identifiable group based on such things as their race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.” Thirty-six percent were in favor and 38 percent were opposed. Among Democrats, 51 percent supported such laws.

Those are troubling numbers, for unfettered speech is not incidental to a flourishing society. It’s the foundation upon which everything—from science to religion to community to politics—is built. We need to recover and grow the idea that the proper answer to bad speech is more and better speech. Or, as good, to ignore that which bothers and insults you. Tend to your own garden, to quote the great sage of free speech, Voltaire, and invite people to follow your example.” From theDaily Beast.

The obvious elephant in the room is – letting Islam have free speech is like letting Neo-Nazis have free speech. They use it to corrupt and ultimately destroy our freedoms – which will include free speech. Letting us have free speech is different, because WE ARE NOT advocating the killing of innocents – THEY ARE! Their free speech kills whilst ours simply offends at worst – we are not the Nazis here, Islamists are.

The fact is – we have to stop Islamists from promoting their message of hate and intolerance whilst bolstering our Western tradition of freedoms to counter their puritanical attempts to destroy freedom and democracy and most of all – fun.

It has to be understood – in the wrong hands, Mein Kampf was a toxic poison used to kill millions. In the wrong hands the Koran can be exactly the same poison. It is impossible to know who will become ‘an extremist’ amongst all Muslims, just as amongst all Germans it would have been difficult to know which young man would rise through the Nazi party ranks to become the most prolific murderers. The only solution is to ban both books. This is sad, as there are plenty of lovely Muslims in the West.

But Islam has shown that wherever it lives, it leads to puritanism, intolerance, hatred and violence. It could be that these lovely Muslims somehow have children which become ultra-conservative puritanical extremists. Terror can be from first generation immigrants, second generation or third generation immigrants. But it can also be from recent converts to Islam. We don’t know – and that is why in this particular case OUR RIGHT TO LIFE trumps their freedom of speech and of religion.

Ultimately – ANY religion of which it needs to be said that ‘Oh don’t worry – I’m a moderate’ or ‘I’m not a terrorist’ – has got a lot of problems. After all – if an ultra-rigid reading of it leads to extremism and terror – then surely we should stop fudging the issue and ban Islam. There are plenty of Muslim nations where people can live if they so choose – they must understand that in the West we value our hard won civilisation and our freedom – and Islam threatens that.

We didn’t ask for this war but since they have brought it to us – how can we stand by and allow them to destroy us?


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