Islam’s Human Rights Abuses Petition

How, in light of the continuum of Human Rights abuses perpetrated in the name of Islam, it is still being called ‘The Religion of Peace’ by our leaders and the media?

Please watch this hugely important video feat. experts on Islam which details the facts about Islam – The video features Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz among others. Watch It Here.

It makes no sense for our leaders to continue to ignore the facts of Islam and its teaching of hate being acted upon worldwide and still allow unlimited immigration of Muslims into our lands when they clearly too often turn to Jihad against us. Islam is the belief system behind the unbelievable brutality and evil of Isis and Boko Haram – both of which are acting in the manner Muhammad established of his followers within his lifetime. Most Muslims haven’t educated themselves on the life of their prophet, and don’t realise he was a violent man who advocated killing and torture. Our non-Muslim leaders certainly don’t know this – or else how could they be telling us Islam is peace?

We are targeting leaders of the UK and US and the UN. We hope the petition will help us force our media too to examine Islam for what it truly is – a threat to our civilisation.

Please see the petition here – and spend a moment reading it then sign and share it widely if you agree.

We are gaining momentum with the petition in the short while it has been live, but now need the following important support:

– We need funding to help us promote this more widely and help us reach the 100,000 signatures we need to make our leaders listen to us. 

You may also be able to offer donations in kind –

– PR Support

– Legal advice

– Lobbying advice / contacts in governments worldwide or UN which you could petition on behalf of this cause

– Advertising spots / SEO / Adwords / Print advertising / Social Media

– You may be an expert in Human Rights law or Islamic History and wish to contribute advice on how to progress this petition and the campaign, or write articles for us to expose the issue further.

– You may also simply be able to write to your political representatives wherever to live, asking them to act on this issue of the threat of Islam to our freedoms in the West especially but if it is safe to do so – anywhere around the globe.

– A spokesperson who will help us get the message out to our leaders and the media is very important. We would love someone who is an expert on this issue and perhaps already has some renown, or a brave ex-Muslim for example to help us by being the front-person for this campaign. This will help us gather more media interest to promote the message of this campaign and greater access to politicians.

Please get in touch if you can help,

Thank you.

Within the West there is an increasingly vocal Muslim presence which openly decries Western freedom, democracy and even civil law. The number of Muslims who support the introduction of Sharia Law in the West is worrying as it means that these people at the very least have no respect for non-Muslim laws – which include the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. This worrying report highlights the problem –

Pandering to ‘Islamic Sensitivities’ over cartoons, Halal food, freedom of speech and so on, is the slippery slope which leads to murdering of innocent cartoonists, Jews, soldiers, and ultimately you and me – unless we convert to Islam.

Is this the sort of world that you want your children or their children to live in? Do we want the West to have its freedom and democracy destroyed to become like the chaos of Muslim nations which routinely abuse Human Rights, persecute non-Muslims and ban free speech?

The key is that Islam demands apostates are killed for leaving the ‘faith’. This is why Muslims rarely even consider leaving it – and this is why it is no more than a cult which spreads through terror, and is sustained through terror.

“After all, wouldn’t the history of Christianity have been different – and Christianity’s history been even bloodier than it has been – if instead of saying ‘Turn the other cheek’ Jesus had said even just once ‘Slay the idolaters wherever you find them’ [Quran, Arberry trans, Chapter IX, verse 5]. Imagine if Jesus had beheaded people. There would be a lot of work to do to make sure no Christian anywhere followed his example. But we don’t want to – or can’t – address this or even have that discussion when it comes to Islam.” Douglas Murray.

Please sign and share this widely as we must get at least 100,000 signatures for the White House and UK House of Commons to listen.

Wording of the petition:

Examine whether Islam is antithetical to Human Rights.

This petition urges the leaders of the Western and non-Muslim World and the UN to examine whether Islam is in fact antithetical to Human Rights law, and incites violence towards non-Muslims and apostates, incites hatred and the rejection of Civil Law. We the undersigned urge our Political Leaders and the United Nations Human Rights Council to examine whether Islam is an ideology or cult rather than a religion, antithetical to basic Human Rights and as such should be banned in the non-Muslim world.

The Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights ruled in February 2003 that Islamic Sharia law is “incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy.” The court said that a legal system based on Sharia law “would diverge from the European Convention on Human Rights, particularly with regard to the rules on the status of women, and its intervention in all spheres of private and public life in accordance with religious precepts.”  

Further, the European Court of Human Rights determined on July 31, 2001, that “the institution of Sharia law and a theocratic regime, were incompatible with the requirements of a democratic society.”

Sharia law is Islam. Islamic Theocratic regimes are founded upon Islam. In all its manifestations, whether in violent responses to ‘blasphemy’ such as the Charlie Hebdo attacks, or in forcing women to cover their faces, child marriage, beheadings or intolerance towards non-Muslims, Islam, Muslim nations, leaders and Islamic organisations are continuously flouting Human Rights laws.

This is evidenced today in Saudi Arabia‘s theocratic (religious) legal system enforcing regular beheadings, banning women from driving and the persecution of minorities, or the much better known barbarism of Isis which takes slaves of women and children and is currently engaged in the extermination of the Yazidi people and conquest of land in Iraq and Syria.

Muslim groups Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab in Kenya and Somalia terrorise and kill thousands. Iran regularly hangs and whips dissenters, is close to having a nuclear weapon and has stated its intention to destroy Israel. Jews have been expelled from Muslim nations and Christians continue to be persecuted and killed there for their religious belief.

Closer to home, Hizbut Tahir works to establish a global Caliphate and rejects UK law openly. ‘Islamophobia’ is shouted each time Islam causes another horror, in order to crush dissent and debate – regardless of the fact that Islam is responsible for oppression and slaughter, most recently in Paris – NOT non-Muslims.

We constantly hear Muslim voices condemning non-Muslim actions (such as publishing cartoons) – yet these are as nothing compared to the killing and oppression BY Muslims.

It is now incumbent on our political leaders and the UN to listen to the voices of non-Muslims and to ex-Muslim testimony in order to finally examine in a dispassionate manner Islam and its relationship to the non-Islamic world. Specifically we ask that a major enquiry is set up to examine whether or not Islam  will pose a threat to the freedoms and Human Rights which we have fought oppression to guard and which we hold so dear in the non-Muslim world.

There are now many Muslim groups wanting to establish Sharia law in the West and to make Muslim lands of our nations. The existent rulings by Strasbourg that there no place for Sharia law in a democracy must be upheld everywhere and it means too that non-Muslim nations should stop allowing the voices of Islam to demand special treatment or the silencing of dissent. Ultimately it is the purpose of this petition to ask our leaders to honestly examine whether Islam is compatible with Human Rights in non-Muslim nations. If it is found not to be it should be banned just as Nazism is banned.

People like Ayaan Hirsi-Ali and Serkan Engin have left Islam and as such are able to see it clearly. They compare it to a cult or to Nazism – NOT to a religion. Nazism is rightly condemned today, yet Islam has an even worse track record historically. Muhammad was a warlord  who persuaded his followers to kill any who didn’t believe in his new religion.

This tendency to kill non-believers is very evident in the history of Islam right through to the present day. Islam was started by Muhammad who was not peaceful nor tolerant – he had Jews and Christians killed and engaged in looting and slavery as well as conquest. The fact that Iran has a stated aim to ‘destroy Israel’, and the rise of Isis and Islamic terrorist attacks on the West shows clearly that Islam uses the cover and protection of religious freedom to promote its hate-filled, intolerant and violent ideology.

If followers of the cult of Scientology were to begin beheading people and violently taking over large parts of the world there would be immediate calls to ban it. Yet there is a popular myth which our leaders and media maintain, that Islam is a religion of the same caliber as Judaism or Christianity. In fact whilst terrible things were done in the name of these religions – the Judeo-Christian faith model is based on strongly moral teaching. Jesus was so peaceful he allowed himself to be killed and abused rather than exhort his followers to kill for him. Islam is based on the example of a violent warlord who did exhort violence as the solution to non-believers.

It is Islam which leads to Islamism. The roots of the violence and persecution of other religions which we see both today, and in the history of the belief, are there plainly in the Koran and especially the Hadith or life of Muhammad.

Read the following from Bukhari, The Book of Jihad, a respected biography of Muhammad and consider whether Isis and Boko Haram are in fact much more likely to be simply Muslims rather than radical Muslims – for they DO follow the life of their prophet:

‘He (The Prophet) had their hands and feet cut off. Then he ordered that nails should be heated and passed over their eyes, and they were left in the rocky land of Medina. They asked for water, but none provided them with water till they died.’ [3018]

Please sign this petition now, and share it widely, to ask our world leaders to stop calling Islam the ‘Religion of Peace’ when it is no such thing – rather it has a history of violence and conquest of non-believers which has not abated to this day.

Humanity itself and the freedom of Western civilisation is at threat from this fastest growing belief system which incites hatred, violence and oppression, intolerance and fear wherever it spreads.

Islam must be examined as a cult or belief-system which has always and is now a threat to Human peace and civilisation – NOT as a religion. If Sharia and Theocratic Regimes are disallowed under the Human Rights act then why is Islam given the respect of any other religion? Islam is the foundation of Sharia and Islamic Theocracies.

There is no place for such a belief system within the non-Muslim world. Please watch Ayaah Hirsi Ali’s account of Islam and read more on how Islam breaches Human Rights Law here.

Thank you for your time and please help us in this struggle to retain our basic freedoms, in the face of this violent oppressor which passes for a ‘religion’ when it is rather no more than a cult.

We would not allow Nazism to flourish again unchecked in our lands – we should therefore not allow Islam to place more and more checks on our behaviour until all we hold dear has been destroyed.

Please sign and share widely now. 




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