Son of Hamas – Ex-Muslim on the Truth of Hamas and Muslim Jew Hate

“This is not about being brainwashed – this is the culture”

“Islam is the most bi-polar religion on Earth. It is full of inconsistencies”.

“Islam is a drug.”

“The biggest terrorist is the god of the koran. He wants his people to be beasts”.

“All Muslims are the same. ‘Moderate’ Islam doesn’t exist. The most terrorist Muslim has more morality than his god. His god is a terrorist and ignorant”.

On his father, the Hamas Leader who has disowned Mossab for converting to Christianity and writing this book:

“His god unskinned his humanity and now it’s between his god and me”.

Mossab Hassan Yousef

I’ve read the book – Mossab is a very brave and smart young man – he worked for Israel’s Mossad against his father’s Hamas terrorist organisation. But as he clearly states he wasn’t doing anything that anyone who cared about right and wrong would not have done. He was doing it because he wanted to save people from evil. Watch this video clip, buy the book, celebrate all Muslims who leave this rotten ideology – they know it doesn’t make sense to keep calling Islam the ‘Religion of Peace’ – and they should be listened to.

Please sign and share this petition to have our world leaders examine Islam for breaching Human Rights.


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