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I am a UK based writer getting totally frustrated at how wrong-headed Left ideology has imbued popular consciousness that they are the only ones who can improve life for the poorest. It’s not true and 13 Years of Labour proved it. Education and welfare dependence got worse for the poorest under Labour and the class divide bigger.

There’s a good generation of Conservatives able to lead the country – let’s hear no more of this false consciousness love of Labour – they know it themselves – they are not up to the job – and are jaundiced with having to stand up for the failings of their own doctrines.

Get in touch as I’d love to hear constructive comments please – I am on Twitter @Examine_Islam and email -marthavanderpol@gmail.com

I am interested in freedom of speech and breaking taboos especially as to how the UK deals with issues involving Islam, Education, the NHS, the Liberal Left, Elitism, Religion. I am want to help the disadvantaged look after and improve themselves – a Compassionate Conservative if you will. I adored Michael Gove in Education because he wasn’t afraid of incensing the Teaching Unions and many parents who quite wrongly thought he was wrong to want to make the curriculum more robust so that British school leavers can better compete internationally. The UK will flounder if we do not educate our children properly to compete with our harder working foreign cousins.

On Labour
I do not believe Labour’s carping that they are the party of the hard working person – in 13 years of power they only managed to entrench dependence on benefits and increase immigration.  Of course, they also spent record tax earnings whilst getting us further into debt especially with dreadful value PFI schemes.

Labour professed to prioritise education but in fact allowed the ideology of teaching unions to dominate and fail students. Nor are they the party of the poor, as their wrong headed policies on Education and Welfare whilst in power only entrenched class divisions.

There will always be an elite – some people are simply more intelligent and suited to leadership and want to strive and take risks – what matters is getting strong representation from all walks of life within that elite. This used to happen when Grammar Schools gave poor kids a chance. That enabled our best chance for a Meritocracy.

What matters is that the best of all our people are identified and nurtured – right now too many poorer smart kids are allowed to fail to reach their full potential. This renders the whole nation poorer. I would advocate better pay for the poorest people to enable them to live a life free from having to claim benefits. This would require more house building and greater affordable housing too, in order to drive down rents for the poorest. Currently it is the tax payer which pays the difference between low wages and high rents.

On Education
Better education (eg rigorous exams and traditional teaching) allow for social mobility – this is what Michael Gove was trying to achieve and is especially important in the face of global competition. Labour is in fact obsessed with keeping the working classes in their place in case they gain any bourgeois values or better themselves (eg through a grammar school education). This is why it is so virulently against Grammar Schools, Free Schools and of course, ended the Assisted Places to Independent Schools – despite proof that these achieve better outcomes for children.

The Left carp on about inequality and want to end selection and private education for their effect on inequality, whilst maintaining that comprehensive education is perfectly fine – both assumptions cannot be true. The results show that comprehensive schools are too often mediocre, and the Teaching Unions engender a culture of low expectations and resistance to change. Only challenging this will help those children which depend on the state education sector which we the tax payer funds, and which we as a nation depend on to provide a well educated base of people to run this country.

The Left are apologists for Islamism
In the UK the Left protest against Israel but in the face of Isis murdering thousands with their bare hands (and without provocation unlike Israel) there is silence. The Left is actually much more intolerant of anyone that doesn’t follow in its ideology so they are a great match for Islamism. Islam is totalitarian – which is why the far Left supports it so much. In fact, the horrendous dictator Saddam Hussein and Syria’s Assad Family were all part of the Ba’ath Party which was a National Socialist organisation – just like Hitler’s Nazis. The hatred of the Jews and desire to expunge all criticism are all sad but real links between Islam and the far Left. Sadly today the Left has somehow appropriated the tags of liberalism and progressiveness – when they are anything but.

The NHS is struggling to survive. There are many great doctors and staff within it but the system is totally broken. Why is this? In my view is that it is useless trying to mend the system. We should have a fair insurance system such as they have in France and Germany where hospitals are clean and patients can expect a much better level of service than we expect here.

Having to pay a sum which is rapidly paid back encourages medical staff to remember who pays their salaries, and patients to turn up to appointments and take care of their own health. France and Germany have systems where the poor and very ill are covered for free and no-one falls outside the system as they are all covered from birth. We in the UK too of course as we pay into the NI system – so it is not ‘free’ as so often is stated, but we are still made to feel grateful for the ‘service’ we receive and it behaves like some sort of charity which we should demand no more of than it gives. This is ridiculous, and allows discontent to fester with staff and abuses of the service with patients.

Income equality
This is a thorny issue better addressed by economists but it has been clearly shown that the top earners in this country pay the lion’s share of income tax – http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2107031/UK-Budget-2012-Top-1-earners-contribute-income-tax.html

It is difficult to see how our massive government expenditure could be paid for were it not for those earning so much sticking around and continuing to pay. It has also been shown that taxing the rich over much encourages them to take their money and head for friendlier climes. What has already begun is to reward high earners with part of their pay in shares, to encourage better performance by giving them a stake in the business.

Rather than taxing the rich more, it would be fairer to all to firstly make certain that all taxes which could be paid are being paid – eg by multinationals, and then to try and look at ways that prices for everything from food to housing could be lowered safely and gradually.

The massive cost of property in the UK drives up all prices as well as pushing up private sector salaries (especially of those living in London). This heightens income inequality. Banning foreign investors from heating up the housing market with speculative purchases would go some way towards slowing things down but other measures would be needed too – increasing stamp duty thresholds in order to persuade sellers to go for more reasonable asking prices, and more closely monitoring Utility firm profits would also help.

Illuminating these too little talked about paradoxes to both Right and Left thinking are what my blog is all about. Enjoy, join in and please share.


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