Letter to Michael Fallon and Rory Stewart MPs – Iran Talks

Dear  Mr Fallon and Mr Stewart,

In your roles overseeing defence, please could you exert all the pressure you can to stop the Iran talks resulting in Iran being on the road to a nuclear weapon. It would be madness to allow a nuclear power in that region. Already Saudi Arabia is demonstrating it would not stand by and allow Iran to become more powerful – it would also attempt to manufacture such a weapon, the results of which would be catastrophic it is surely clear. There is also talk of Israel making a defensive strike on Iran if these talks fail to stop Iran completely, as they should.
It is clearly in the interest of our national security and the security of the entire Western world to ensure the volatile and conflicted region which includes Iran does not become nuclear. A nuclear weapon in that region would not act as a deterrent but a catastrophic agent in its destructive arsenal.
Please please listen to the people who do not want this, who in fact want to be protected from the threat posed to civilisation by Islam both at home and on an international scale.

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