Trevor Phillips sees the light on political correctness

“…the modern secular sin of being a racist (or an anti-Semite or an Islamophobe, its religious cousins) is by far the worst crime of which you can be accused.”

Trevor Phillips, ex-proponent of multiculturalism in New Labour’s Britain.

Trevor Phillips was New Labour’s multiculturalism tsar as Chairman for the Commission for Racial Equality from 2003. In 2005 he came to the realisation that the ‘dream’ of multiculturalism (encouraging immigrants to keep their own cultures from ‘back home’) was backfiring, and rather than helping integration it was creating segregation. This would have been obvious to anyone on the right of politics from inception, one would think, and yet evidently Phillips was censured by Theresa May for this statement at the time. Ten years on, and surely only the most obdurate of the loony Left can maintain that multiculturalism has worked.

“The perverse and unintended consequences of our drive to instil respect for diversity is that our political and media classes have become terrified of discussing racial or religious differences.

Our desperation to avoid offence is itself beginning to stand in the way of progress. And all too often the losers are minority Britons.

These ‘brave’ comments by Phillips are welcome – though as he says himself he was for a time the apogee of political correctness. It is good he has come around, and that his comments are finally bringing this most important of issues into the media. But it is remarkable, and indicative of the media’s continuing fear of ‘bigotry’ that ONLY a black man can say these things today and be listened to. ONLY a black man can tell the truth and be listened to by those in authority- that is racist in itself – inverse-racism yes, but racism nevertheless – it is the colour of Phillips’ skin which makes his MESSAGE palatable to the media.

“We all know why these things cannot be said. The long shadow of slavery and the Holocaust rightly makes us anxious about the kind of slack thinking that led to the dehumanising of entire populations.

Yet should history prevent us from understanding the differences between us — especially if those insights might improve life for everyone?”

Phillips rightly puts his finger on the button above in stating the Holocaust and slavery are shadows which cast darkness to this day – and stop media and politicians from speaking or hearing the truth for fear of unleashing a pogrom of racist aggression. Yet surely again, this is doing everyone a disservice – for it is not WE who shine a light on the violence and intolerance of others who are to be feared – it is those that will close their minds, stop public debate and allow evils to be perpetrated for fear of sounding ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’;

“Ann Cryer, the first MP to blow the whistle on the street grooming scandal, in her Keighley constituency, now says she discovered that others in her local party had been aware of it for years, but neither the police nor social services would take her complaints seriously.

She says she found it difficult to raise the issue without being called a racist. In the end she went public, because ‘if you pretend it’s not happening, as many people in Rotherham did, then you go down the road of condoning it.”

Local councils and social workers are NOTORIOUSLY politically correct – and this is what has allowed the biggest evil to be done on our shores against girls by grown men WITH IMPUNITY for years. The fact is that even today, the media are focusing on the ‘Jihadi brides’ unduly, when there are yet more revelations of Muslim rape gangs emerging from new cities. Muslim rape gangs have been and probably still are affecting far more girls, girls who didn’t set out to plan and organise their own abuse, and who didn’t know what kind of men they were getting involved with. In the case of the ‘jihadi brides’ these girls would have had countless opportunities to see the true evil of Isis in the media, and countless chances to choose a different path. Yet they willingly went, stealing money to fund their journey to what they knew was a mass murdering cult of evil. WHY the media and police choose to focus on these girls as ‘victims’ completely in contrast to the way the thousands of girls ABUSED BY MUSLIM MEN IN THE UK have been treated – is sickening.

Phillips is only just touching the heart of the matter in his article, which is likely due to the persistence of his PC/Left mentality, for in truth MUCH more action is needed to remove the obstacles to telling the TRUTH of those in authority. Yet it is still good to hear, at last, someone saying this and being respected for it – unlike Nigel Farage who is made to seem like an oddball for his honesty.

That means we’re all going to have to become more ready to offend each other. If we do, we might — in time — begin to see each other in our true colours. And surely that’s what the aim of changing Britain’s attitudes to race was all about.

Of course, Phillips is also confusing race and religion and origins – for in fact of course Poles are not a different race to white Britons, but a different culture and nationality. I think the entire conversation centring on race has run its course in fact. It is the CULTURE of different groups which means they do or do not fit in, which either dooms them to failure in the West or aids their progress. Phillips touches on this where he points out that Jewish households tend to be wealthier on average, and that what he terms ‘Asian’ kids fare better at school than white kids from a working class background. It is the culture of these children which helps them achieve, or stems their successes. So if an Indian family integrates well into a community and teaches their children to fit in and to love education, that will set up their children for success.

Successive studies have shown that children from Muslim backgrounds fare the worst of any group of children in the UK in terms of GCSE performance:

Similarly, as Phillips points out;

“.. while many clever young Muslim women head for the top medical schools, a handful are boarding planes to become the brides of Isis fighters. We learn from his former headteacher that Jihadi John had attended a school where more than 70 per cent of the pupils were, like him, Muslims.”

Phillips skirts around the issue – but Islam is known for preparing children to become adults who can expect less prosperity and success. This is shown in Muslim majority nations which form the top portion of the list of most illiterate and poorest nations (especially if we remove the prosperity from oil which was happenstance rather than a product of labour or invention).

“The planet’s poorest countries include Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Mozambique. At least six of the poorest of the poor are countries with a Muslim majority.

Fact: Of the 1.4 billion Muslims 800 million are illiterate (6 out of 10 Muslims cannot read). In Christendom, adult literacy rate stands at 78 percent.”

(Dr Farruk Saleem)

 It is not too difficult to presuppose from the evidence of their failure in their ‘home’ nations, that the pattern of failure and lack of prosperity will be repeated when Muslims emigrate to the West, and so it has been. The clear reason is that Islam has for centuries oppressed believers and forced them to prioritise prayer, observance, ritual and reward in the afterlife over education, betterment, invention, modernity and progress. It is no good blaming the ‘evil West’ for this problem – these are sovereign nations, which run their own affairs (and even benefit disproportionately from Western aid money). Western ‘oppression’ has not caused this – rather Sharia theocratic regimes and observance to a backwards belief system has.

None of this would be much of a problem really, if it didn’t mean two things:

1 – We in the West fund these dissolute nations and peoples disproportionately (over 50% of Muslim men in the UK do not work and are in receipt of benefits for all their needs).

2 – Muslims are disproportionately perpetrators of terror attacks against us in the West as well as violence against their own people.

So we are effectively paying for the privilege of hosting and supporting potential terrorists. For, isn’t it much easier to plot terror attacks when one lives entirely on the benevolence of the welfare state? This is the real issue we must tackle – and though Phillips has touched upon it, much more needs to be done before the truth is finally stated by those in authority over us – the media and politicians so in thrall to the fraud of ‘Islamophobia’.

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