Muslim Manifesto for UK – Demands for Special Consideration

Update on this from Louis Palme! Evidently Ali Sina at sees the list below as an ex-Muslim and believes there is a secondary agenda to all but 1 point on the agenda! I have thus edited it with these changes in mind!


By Louis Palme 

British Muslims have presented a Manifesto to Parliament outlining the thirty-three issues they want addressed by candidates for Parliament. This list provides a clear picture of the Muslim agenda in the UK, and it also helps us understand more-or-less what issues are on the agenda for American Muslims.

The original listing can be found at – it was created by the British Muslim think-tank the Institute for Muslim Community Development. 

What I have done with list below is put the items into a number of categories. Only eleven of the thirty-three demands would be considered fair and reasonable in a secular society. Those demands might have been thrown into the list to throw off the accusation that these are Muslim-specific demands.


Anti-free speech – This would deny the free discussion of religious/political ideologies

Blame-shifting – This demand implies that the problems in the Muslim community are the fault or responsibility of the government

Forced respect – A demand that government promote unearned/undeserved respect for Muslims

Jizyah – An attempt to get non-Muslim tax-payers to provide special or extraordinary benefits for the Muslim community

OKA reasonable demand regardless of religion – if the demand is honest and sincere

Sharia – This demand institutionalizes Sharia Law in the United Kingdom

Superiority – This demand places the importance of Islam equal or above other religions, despite their constituting only 4.4 percent of the population.

Taqiyah – A demand that the government endorse and propagate lies about Islam

Dhimmitude – The inferior state of non-Muslims in Muslim nations.


So let’s see how each point measures up:

1. Sharia Defend the right to a Muslim way of life, including halal meat; religious clothing; circumcision; and flexible working to accommodate Ramadan and festival observance.

2. Blasphemy Law Oppose all forms of hate crime, including Muslim-hate, Anti-Semitism and all other types of racism, whilst also promoting and enhancing community safety.

3. Dhimmitude – Promote good relations, understanding and cooperation between all of the UK’s communities.

4. Dhimmitude – Support efforts to accurately remember Muslim and non-Muslim histories including oppressive and genocidal actions against Muslim peoples by British and European peoples.

5. Legitimising IslamCommit to ethical British foreign policies that uphold the human rights of all peoples.

6. Islamic indoctrination of children — Affirm the importance of faith schools within the overall provision.

7. Anti-free speech Support the provision of religiously and culturally sensitive youth and social care services.

8. OKPromote a more just and sustainable future in the UK and abroad; supporting efforts to tackle poverty, environmental degradation including climate change, human rights abuses and the misuse of arms.

9. Superiority Celebrate and support Muslim heritage and cultural institutions.

10. Blame-shiftingEliminate the root causes of institutional discrimination against Muslims and introduce tougher legislation to prevent it.

11. Jizyah Significantly reduce poverty in Muslim communities.

12. Blame-shifting Reduce higher than average unemployment in Muslim communities.

13. Blame-shiftingReverse rising criminalization of Muslim youth.

14. Blame-shiftingBoost secular educational attainment of Muslims in Britain.

15. Jizyah Significantly improve health and well-being in Muslim communities.

16. Legitimise funding mosques – Provide assurance and evidence that foreign funding is not causing/promoting violent extremism in the UK.

17. Anti-free speech Introduce more robust legislation to curb media hate campaigns against Muslims.

18. Sharia Guarantee the Muslim community the opportunity to evolve independently of government social engineering programs.

19. Taqiyah Acknowledge that the holy scripture of Muslims (the Qur’an) does not endorse terrorism and the murder of innocents.

20. Taqiyah Acknowledge and celebrate Muslim contributions to knowledge and civilization including European civilization.

21. Forced respect Support all reasonable measures not to view Muslims with suspicion and through a security perspective.

22. Blame-shiftingEncourage enquiry into the effects of over-sexualization of public spaces upon young people.

23. Islamic Indoctrination of Children – Support the introduction of more rigorous and analytical religious education in all British schools that takes a balanced and critical approach to all the major world religions.

24. Superiority Provide more holistic and relevant curriculums in schools with a high proportion of Muslims pupils.

25. Islamic Indoctrination of Children — Support a holistic improvement of faith school education and stop the current securitization agenda.

26. Blame-shiftingSupport greater development of the Muslim arts and cultural sector to nurture more mainstream Muslim cultural leaders and role models.

27. Blame-shiftingAllow Muslims greater access to decision-making processes in the security services.

28. Sharia Recognize Muslims have a distinct ‘way of life’ (deen) which opposes any understanding of religion or faith as separate from other aspects of life.

29. OKWithdraw all economic, military and other support for oppressive governments in Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

30. Superiority Promote the positive shared Abrahamic history of Moorish, Christian and Jewish culture in Europe.

31. Superiority Highlight and promote the Muslim Diaspora’s contribution to the British economy.

32. Blame-shiftingEncourage the development of a 21st century Muslim ideological narrative conducive to living peacefully in the West whilst remaining true to the values of Islam.

33. Blame-Shifting Oppose all unfair exploitation of resources owned by Muslim and non-Muslim countries

Louis Palme writes for – a wonderful group of ex-Muslims making every effort to expose Islam. I’m very proud to be able to reproduce this article here and urge you to explore their site for yourselves:

We felt it incumbent upon us to make the non-Muslim world aware of the reality of Islam, and undertake timely precautionary measures against this religion of terror, hatred and mayhem. We tell the world that the ongoing terrorism, unleashed by Islamic militants, is not an aberration from the so-called ‘peaceful religion of Islam’; instead, it is the real Islam preached and practiced by its founder, Prophet Muhammad. A thorough study of the Qur’an and prophetic tradition (Hadith, Sunnah) makes that obvious.

We, therefore, have launched this website to expose the “real Islam”—the Islam that is determined to replace the modern civilization with the 7th-century Arab Bedouin barbarism, peddled by Muslims as the true Islamic Civilization. Let the world watch Islam through and be warned.


3 thoughts on “Muslim Manifesto for UK – Demands for Special Consideration”

  1. Let’s face it, Islam is an Arab supremacist ideology with a core that is not spiritual but political. The founder of the ideology had a life which exhibits all the proof that he was a terrorist and that his true agenda was world conquest for the Arabs. The thin veneer of religion that covers it is a smokescreen which hides the utter truth: Islam is about political conquest and domination, nothing more.

    This “Manifesto” should be treated exactly as the western powers treated pronouncements from the Comintern during the Cold War: a declaration of political intent to overthrow western governments by any means necessary. The actions of the IS, Boko Haram and all other terrorist groups operating under the Islamic flag should be proof enough of that intent. It will only be a matter of time before Muslims living in the west reach a critical mass and begin to enforce sharia law on everyone, not to forget jizya taxes to prevent persecution and harassment by Muslims on non-Muslims.

    The main reason western governments tolerate such activities by Muslims is due to the accident of geography that most Muslim countries sit over vast stores of oil and gas. If it were not for these much needed commodities, the west would have prevented the mass migration of Muslims to these shores decades ago and terrorism would not be such a widespread problem that it is today.

    1. We need to completely cut ties with the Islamic world and that includes ending dependence on Muslim oil and gas – it is not worth the LOST LIVES, the COST of policing against terror and waging wars endlessly.

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