JIhadi Emwazi and Treason Laws.

Hearing about Jihadi John’s life of luxury at taxpayer’s expense (his parents never worked and they lived in million pound properties in Maida Vale) is unbelievable – though not surprising.

What did the Emwazis offer the UK? Nothing. What did we give them?  Asylum from alleged oppression in Kuwait (though the parents are back there now…) and of course totalling the benefit payments and luxurious house in London – more than 99% of the UK population could afford. 

Would we not all love to live in Maida Vale? To have a family of 4 in a house extended to fit us all nicely? More to the point – surely 99% of the WORLD would like to live like this – and surely even financially illiterate Labourites can’t for a moment pretend we can take everyone in the world in who wants to come, and give them what we gave to Jihadi John and family.

So WHY were the Emwazis chosen to benefit in this ridiculous manner? Why were they not expected to work to stay in this country? Why were there no checks on their behaviour? Why, when the security services noticed Jihadi Emwazi’s dodgy behaviour and attempts to become a Jihadi, was he not immediately deported? In the case of the Emwazis I see no reason why they should have been allowed to remain without working – Asylum should be refuge NOT a life of leisure at the expense of others.

We have treason laws in this country and they should be applied to all residents. This is what a lawyer friend of mine tells me about Treason Laws:

“Treason can only be prosecuted against British citizens (or possibly Commonwealth citizens with the Queen as their head of state) but ‘to levy war against the Crown’ or ‘assist the enemies of the Realm, within the Realm’. However it is a suitably flexible term that applies to most of the vast range of activities that UK Jihadis get up to without the necessity to ban everyone else from doing everything else. Moreover it also has the entirely appropriate stigma that is important for crime prevention and draws a clear moral opprobrium against traitors to the country.”

When we hear about the massive problem with fundamentalist Islamists such as Hizbut Tahir in the school and university Jihadi Emwazi attended (see more here) and that these young Muslims were being turned into Jihadis at Mosques and through social media, it becomes evident that our government and security services are not dealing effectively with the threat from Islam in the UK.

I say Islam because 70-80% of pupils at Emwazi’s school were Muslim. His parents were and the university he chose to attend was a hotbed of Islamism. Is it any wonder he became a member of Islamic State? Islam has been a doctrine of war, conquest and oppression since inception. The last Caliphate until Isis was the Ottoman Empire which only fell in 1922. Islam has been on a march of war against the rest of humanity since Muhammad began looting caravans and forcing people to convert of die in his lifetime.

Why are we then surprised when Muslims call for Sharia in the UK, or abuse or attack us non-Muslims? This is what Muhammed their ‘perfect example’ did after all. It is time our political leaders read up on Islam – I promise they would find that they are apologising for a tribe of people who only live in harmony when they are disobedient Muslims. ‘Good’ Muslims will seek to establish Sharia and Islam globally, as that is what Islam demands of its followers. In that sense Emwazi was only following Islam – it is the UK government which is to blame for having allowed him and his family to live like kings in our country whilst he openly planned our destruction. It is the fault of our leaders today who still call Islam the ‘religion of peace’ when everywhere it is in power there is death, oppression, chaos and slaughter?

Our leaders pretend to the people that Islam is peace because they believe the lie spread by Muslims that they are in danger from Islamophobic attacks. In fact they are not. We simply want them to live in their own nations (there are 49 Muslim states to choose from) and leave us in peace in ours. Instead, they come to live in our nations and try and destroy them using the time we give them by allowing them not to work or to study in hotbeds of Islamism.

It is our leaders who are treasonous for allowing this to happen, and once it has happened, for lying to us in order to prevent imaginary attacks on Muslims. They see US as the problem – when we only want peace, security and equality. By protecting Islam they allow it free rein to promote the hatred within it and recruit fighters.

The first duty of government is to protect its citizens – why is it just protecting Muslim incomers over the safety of those non-treasonous folk who love the UK and love peace and the rule of law?


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