Why I Think the West Needs to Examine Islam

Brick LaneA man leaves the Brick Lane Jamme Masjid mosque after Friday prayers in east London(Reuters)

“Free Exercise of Religion? No, Thanks.The taming and domestication of religious faith is one of the unceasing chores of civilization,” Christopher Hitchens.

I’ve been having rather a delightful conversation with a young secular Muslim these last few days. He’s been asking me why I started the Examine Islam petition.  When I speak to lovely people with a Muslim background, it is difficult for me to square the fact that I think there is a massive problem with Islam, with the fact that so many Muslims are lovely people. I am not alone in seeing huge problems with Islam – many others do – as the growing number of signatories to the Examine Islam petition which I started shows. The reasons people are giving are very moving, and never anything mean or ‘Islamophobic’ – but more to do with wanting to protect the peace and Human Rights which we take for granted in the West yet which were nonetheless hard-won. Here are some examples of this:

INDIA – “I am a liberal democrat who believes in evolution of thoughts & philosophy. Shari’a is barbaric #Islamofasicsm!”

AUSTRALIA  – “I’m horrified at the atrocities being done in obedience to the Qur’an, Hadith and Islamic teaching. Even worse is the timidity of non-Muslim governments, ever too afraid to stand up against this oppressive, megalomaniacal, political ideology. Where are human rights in a philosophy which authorises death for those who will not follow it. This is totalitarianism and denial of the right to live and speak freely.”

USA – “I want the the United States to be a safe place for my grandchildren to inherit some day….a place of peace, progress and freedom. These do not exist in Muslim dominated nations. Instead I see repression, fear, total intolerance for anyone who is non-Muslim, and barbaric behavior.”

UK – Protect the many 1.1billion Muslims who are terrorised and silenced by 300 million 7th century psychopaths and sheep. Ayaan is the only voice that is clear, honest and transparent and her lead is worth following.

(See more reasons beneath the petition – here)

Worrying about Islam is in my experience a relatively new phenomenon – brought on bit by bit by the never-ending stream of atrocities committed in its name worldwide and the realising of the fact that it is the very core of Islam – the Koran and Hadiths which actively promote violence.

This is very different to Christianity – we in the West are used to the peace love and forgiveness of Jesus’ teachings and life and so we expect all other beliefs to be formed of the same stuff – especially ones like Islam which actively claim to descend from the same Abrahamic tradition as Judaism and Christianity. So when I dug deeper, and heard Douglas Murray, Christopher Hitchens, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Ali Sina talk about Islam as in fact not a ‘religion of peace’, as the global leadership and media will have it, but rather something much more akin to a cult, I grew worried. I heard this from Mossab Hassan Youssef son of Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Youssef, who is now a convert to Christianity-

“The atrocities committed by ISIS are merely an extension of the atrocities committed by Islam’s prophet.

“The true Five Pillars of Islam are: Slaughter, Intolerance, Oppression, Hatred, and Global Dominion, because Muhammad was a slaughterer, intolerant, oppressive, hateful, and drove his armies to destroy everything and everyone that stood in the way of his establishment of a world caliphate.

“Muhammad said to the people of Mecca, “I have brought slaughter to you,” then he beheaded every Jewish male, young and old.” (Read this and more at sonofhamas.wordpress.com)

This is what ex-Muslim Ali Sina says about Islam –

“Islam divides the world in two parts: Darul Harb (land of war) and Darul Islam (land of Islam). Darul Harb is the land of the infidels, Muslims are required to infiltrate those lands, proselytize and procreate until their number increase and then start the war and fight and kill the people and impose the religion of Islam on them and convert that land into Darul Islam.” Ali Sina on Faith Freedom.

And yet we all know or have come across some lovely Muslims who would not hurt a fly – how can we then demand that their belief be questioned when they clearly are admirable citizens? Just today I was at the bank, and the young man who helped me had a name that sounded Muslim. He was the picture of politeness, graciousness and generally warranted hugging more than examining. I’ve travelled to Morocco and Tunisia and again have come across the most generous, kind and open people there. When I was a poor student, my local grocer’s was run by Algerians – and once they lent me £5 to tide me over till I could pay it back. As a child, I had some good Muslim friends – their dad was the local policeman and their mum was lovely – they had the nicest, cleanest house and were the most well brought up kids in the neighbourhood. I remember all these people fondly as some of the warmest and kindest people I’ve ever met.

I am not against these people – nor any of the good innocent Muslim victims of Islam globally. I wish I didn’t have to challenge their beloved faith. However, I think it is a sacrifice worth making for a Muslim in the West to give up a religion based on violence and murder for a life in the West. I believe this because allowing Islam in the West means we have no way to properly ban the propagating of the ideology of hate that it is. Islam is replete with violence and violent obligations – which nice Muslims ignore, but which sadly thousands upon thousands of other Muslims, reading from the same texts, not only do not ignore but see as central to their belief.

I think Muslims of the right-thinking, measured, peaceful and loving kind I have known would understand this fear – because perhaps they themselves have had it too. Perhaps they have seen the way countries like Pakistan and Syria are blighted by rigid Islamic groups like the Taliban or Isis, and they would shudder and pray it never came to it that they had to submit to such people. Perhaps the nice Muslims I have known in the UK and in Europe came to be here because they didn’t want to live in oppressive regimes. Certainly an Iranian émigré I knew escaped Iran because of the theocratic regime there and though I haven’t asked everyone I have known why they moved to the West, it can be imagined it was for a better life or to escape.

So why, when there are so many right-thinking, peace-loving Muslims globally, would we in the West begin to worry about Islam? Why should we ‘single out’ Islam for special scrutiny? Why specifically did I start this petition?

There is a complicated answer which includes the fact that whilst European nations have laughed at Fox News’ sentiment that there are no-go zones in Europe, in fact there are places we would not go to because of the over-representation of Muslims.

Just today three teenage girls from Bethnal Green in London have been on the news for leaving in secret for Syria to try and become ‘Jihadi brides’. Bethnal Green is where Brick Lane is – a very trendy and fashionable area where I used to like going out in when I was younger. But then I had a few too many experiences in the streets and in the street’s famous ‘Indian’ (in fact Bangladeshi) restaurants where the Muslim men treated me specifically very badly. I could only honestly conclude that this was because I am brown-skinned, and yet I dare to wear Western dress and hang out with White people – and the Muslim men had concluded I must be a wanton Muslim woman who ought to be veiled and at home.

I am neither wanton nor Muslim – and in fact it is one of the only times I have felt discrimination in the UK – from Muslims. This is nothing compared to the widespread child sexual exploitation in the North of England which was covered up by the police and lasted 16 years, and is said to be ongoing. These cases were all of Muslim men of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin abusing British girls – clearly out of a racist motive based on the way Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh see Western (white) women as ‘kuffar’, beneath them, chattel. I have written before about my disbelief at the fact that our law allows these communities to marry first cousins and to operate Sharia courts in the UK. There have been Trojan Horse scandals where state funded schools have been found to promote openly anti-Western values and to segregate the sexes.

The fact that our world leaders and media constantly reinforce the myth that Islam is ‘The Religion of Peace’ is what is at the heart of this petition. It is this wilful blindness which has been letting us down, allowing men like the killers of Lee Rigby to become radicalised. It is the acceptance of Islam as a ‘religion’ on a par with Christianity that makes people like me and the 1,000 and counting signatories of the petition worried that when the Muslim population of the UK and other Western nations grows to 30% as it is predicted to very soon thanks to the far greater birth rates of Muslims – will our grandchildren even have a place in our own lands in the future?

Then when one adds the violence of Isis and preachers preaching hate whilst on benefits, Examining Islam for WHY so many Muslims act this way becomes an imperative.

The easy answer is this. Islam is a belief system which demands total submission, and provides a set of rules which believers must live by. These rules are often violent – as was the life of Muhammad who invented Islam and whose life is seen by devout Muslims as the ‘perfect example’. This is from Imam Bukhari, the most respected biographer of Muhammad:

“The Prophet sent (some people) in their pursuit and so they were (caught and) brought, and the Prophet ordered that their hands and legs should be cut off and that their eyes should be branded with heated pieces of iron, and that their cut hands and legs should not be cauterized, till they die.” (source Bukhari Hadith – goo.gl/Xdld0t)

Ultimately – Jihadis, Radical Muslims – whatever you call them, see themselves as true believers and as following the founding texts more closely than those lovely, peaceful, Westernised Muslims that we all love and respect. And ultimately it doesn’t matter how many Muslims precisely are ‘secular’, ‘moderate’ and ‘liberal’ – the fact is that most of the ‘radical’ Muslims in the West today are the children of very secular and less observant parents. We see the images of Palestinian babies in Hamas outfits – but in the West it is not always parents who brainwash their children into radicalism and hatred of the West. It can happen in prison, universities, Mosques, online or through Islamic satellite TV such as Islam Channel which are full of anti-Western propaganda. In BBC Panorama’s The Battle For British Islam, at 12 minutes in, we have an Imam telling his listeners that we, the ‘Kuffar’ must be subjugated into a global ‘caliphate’ using our Western freedoms.

It is unfortunate but we cannot know which peace-loving Muslim will father a Jihadi child as so many clearly have done (we now have more Muslim Britons fighting Jihad in Syria and Iraq than in the British Armed Forces). We also do not know which non-Muslim will be converted in prison, university or online to become a Jihadi, as the evil murderers of Lee Rigby demonstrate – any loser can become a ‘shahid’ or martyr with all the heavenly rewards promised them for taking the life of an unbeliever.

The fact is that neither I nor any of those signing my petition would be in any way bothered by Islam – had Islam not intruded upon our Western way of life in such a big way. We have had consistent attacks on our people – the destruction of 3,000 lives in the World Trade Centre in New York on 9/11, the bombings in London on 7/7, the Mumbai, Madrid, Delhi, Moscow bombings and all the other unceasing attacks upon the West. We have constant complaints of ‘Islamophobia’ despite there being no evidence of any attacks on Muslims at all – quite the opposite. Our media and leaders fall over themselves trying to appease Islam. Yet what do we get in return – more attacks, more demands, more overt and covert attempts to destroy us.

“Reactions from even “moderate” Muslims to criticism are not uniformly reassuring. “Some of what people are saying in this mosque controversy is very similar to what German media was saying about Jews in the 1920s and 1930s,” Imam Abdullah Antepli, Muslim chaplain at Duke University, told the New York Times. Yes, we all recall the Jewish suicide bombers of that period, as we recall the Jewish yells for holy war, the Jewish demands for the veiling of women and the stoning of homosexuals, and the Jewish burning of newspapers that published cartoons they did not like. What is needed from the supporters of this very confident faith is more self-criticism and less self-pity and self-righteousness.” (Christopher Hitchens, 2010, Slate)

We’re not the ones who want to persecute – we just do not want to be persecuted. We don’t want to kill – we just don’t want to be killed. We don’t want to hate – we just don’t believe we should allow a belief system to co-exist which hates us so much it’s followers keep killing us. We do not even want to ban Islam – we just don’t want Islam to be allowed to take over to the extent that it can ban our freedom, democracy, other religions, Human Rights, equality for all and all we hold dear.

Because it is not a war against those many lovely Muslims we all know – it is a war against the Islam which tells its followers:

“Of the Unbelievers: “seize them and slay them wherever you find them: and in any case take no friends or helpers from their ranks.” Koran 4:89

It is a question of:  Either allowing a religion which has a history and core texts which order conquest, killings, torture and intolerance. Or banning it to preserve our culture which, though imperfect, still manages to lead to societies which live in peace, tolerate minorities and thrive in dignity and enrichment. I think banning an ideology which leads to murder countless terrible times is fine – it is a sacrifice worth making for the lives it will save and to show the Muslim world how to behave if they too want success in the Western model.

Muslim lands are rife with oppression, cruelty, intolerance, inequality and disharmony – there is hardly one of the 49 Muslim majority nations in the world which has a thriving economy outside of oil or equality for its women or minorities. Yet surely if Western Muslims feel strongly they need to practice Islam, they have 49 Muslim nations to choose in which they can do so. If they do not wish to move out of the West – perhaps they ought to consider WHY the West is such a good place to live. Is it because we are tolerant, because we separate church and state, because the rule of law has priority over the exigencies of religious cults, because individual freedom is king – unless it impinges upon the security of others?

This is the key. We in the West believe in tolerance and freedom – but not murder nor child sex – not all freedom is created equal. Yet the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, both ordered killings and had sex with Aisha when she was 9. Isis is promoting itself with the return to the practice of marriage with girls as young as 9 because it follows Muhammad’s life, as it should as a good Muslim caliphate.

“ISIS immolated Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh, because Muhammad burned people alive.

“When the leader of the Jewish Bani al-Nadir tribe refused to reveal the location of his tribe’s treasures, Muhammad ordered his soldiers to “Torture him until you extract what he has.” So a fire was built on the chest of Kinanah bin al-Rabi. Again, when some of his men resisted Muhammad’s planned attack against the Byzantines at Tabuk, the prophet commanded that they be burned alive in the house where they were meeting.

“ISIS enslaves and rapes women because Muhammad did, even when he took a six-year-old little girl as his wife and consummated their union when she turned nine. (Son of Hamas and ex-Muslim Mossab Hassan Youssef).

Hamas is on a never ending war with Israel which even the son of one of the founding members of Hamas has decried, Palestinians are teaching children to hate in perpetuity rather than make the most of what they have. Muslims are seen rejoicing in terror attacks, honour killings happen in Muslim communities in the West, Muslim women suffer acid attacks. This is the Muslim world at its worst – but still not one we would dare to try living in. So why allow it to grow in the West?

Islam has a cult of victimhood combined with an inflated vision for itself – that of global domination. This is seen in the anti- western propaganda on Islamic satellite TV, hate preachers in mosques, virulent pro-jihad social media, Isis creating its ‘caliphate’ etc – and it is a form of mental illness. There is nothing moral nor compatible with Human Dignity in any of the core texts of Islam when taken as a whole. That is why so many Muslims agree that waging never ending war on the West is acceptable:

“In France in 2007 42% of 18-29 yr old Muslims thought Suicide Bombings were always justified.” (PEW research).

Historically Islam began in Saudi Arabia and quickly spread over the Middle East into Spain and India – not in a friendly way of ‘hello, would you like to know about Islam?’ but in a violent way – at least 80 million Indians were killed by Islamic conquerors in India . M. A. Khan who wrote “Islamic Jihad” says:

“Over the past years, I have done extensive research on Islamic theology as well as on Islamic history: from Prophet Muhammad to modern times. It has been a harrowing tale of forced conversion, brutal imperialism and devastating slavery. It’s a saga of great human tragedy—all in the name of Islamic holy war or Jihad, the foundational creed of Islam.” From: Islamic Jihad.

I always thought crucifixions had gone out with the Romans but no, Isis has re-started them. The same with beheadings, amputations, enslavements, rape, throwing gays off tall buildings – these never belonged in Humanity but at least we thought they were safely in the past. Islam and Muslims in Isis want to bring these back – and are succeeding.

Meanwhile we worry about Islamophobia – but we are not the ones whose behaviour is worrying – we are not the ones shooting cartoonists or stabbing and beheading soldiers, we are not driving cars into pedestrians with intent to kill, we are not demanding hate and murder in reciprocation. It is in fact further evidence of the double think we are engulfed in that we are the suspects! We have not harmed Muslims, we have not stated our intent to harm them nor do we want to! We just want to be left in peace to continue in our civilised way to live peaceful and happy lives – not perfect – but at least free of persecution, barbaric ‘justice’, oppressed minorities, chaos and fear.

We want to protect our world from facing the end to Western enlightenment, tolerance, democracy freedom and justice. We want peace. We want to continue the project of Enlightenment rather than being violently forced to regress into medieval barbarism.

We do not want to persecute Muslims – we just want Islam examined for its violent and intolerant and hateful content – and for promoting a culture that goes against all we hold dear – and the International Convention on Human Rights. Muslims have 49 Muslim majority nations they can live in – that’s fine. But they should know – if they come to the West we will not give up our love of freedom, education, human rights, democracy etc  just to please them. As human beings, they are welcome to live with us but not to promote the hate and violence of Islam.

I am a ‘lapsed’ Catholic – I guess my foundation in the Christian model in Church of England schools led me astray, and the child abuse scandals cemented my leaving Catholicism. I am not much of a church-goer – so perhaps I am like one of the ‘secular’ Muslims who hope to be able to talk the other Muslims who want Jihad round. Personally though, if the security of others depended on Catholics giving up their faith I would do it. I would completely renounce it – because Jesus can live in my heart, but I don’t need a church or priest to tell me how to love goodness and how to do right.

Catholicism has done a lot wrong – but based on a misguided belief in the teachings of a thoroughly good man called Jesus. Following Jesus without the Catholic Church is still perfectly fine. Islam however is founded on the teachings of a man who was a keen conqueror, who looted and ordered torture and killings, who had 9 wives. Completely different to Jesus – I think this is clear. Islam therefore is founded on wrong, and has no moral basis as a ‘religion’ in the way that followers of Jesus have for their faith.

In order to stop the incursion of Islam into the West, we need to address the way it promotes itself. Mosques should no longer be allowed to shelter hate preachers away from inspection, Muslims should not be allowed to set up sharia courts or treat any members of society with less respect than any others – that includes girls and women who should not ever be veiled again, gays who should be afforded the same respect as anyone else and Jews who must go about their lives without fear. Halal should not be tolerated, and there should be no more Islamic satellite channels broadcast or social media sites which allow jihadi messaging.

These are unfortunate by-products of the war Islam is waging against the West. They are not desirable, but they are necessary and must be acceptable because the alternative is to allow our western world – OUR Western World – to be converted into hellish third world states by Muslims bent on destruction and hate.

Those nice Muslims we all know and love will have to think about this and decide – it’s the West and Western values – or Islam in Muslim nations. The two cannot co-exist – because we cannot trust Islam. We have offered the hand of friendship and the shelter of our civilisation – in return they have established al Muhajiroun which brainwashed Lee Rigby’s killers, Hizbut tahir who want to establish a global caliphate and spread Islamic propaganda. We have been ‘given’ hate preachers, child abuse of non-muslim girls, bombings, beheadings, more Muslim men in Isis than in the UK armed forces.

I see all this as unfortunate – but these tactics have been forced on us by Islam’s hatred of us. We have to protect ourselves and our world, for the sake of our grandchildren. Nice Muslims must understand this and should even share in our aim – as if they came over here, it must be assumed it was to share in our freedoms and peace and success.

I am not very religious – but I can see that a religion set up by a man who ordered killings and conquest, who told his followers to hate unbelievers and worship him above all others cannot be a religion worthy of that title. Religions should be moral – Islam is not. Islam is counter to Humanity. How can this be allowed and given the respect other moral religions have?

“In order to be protected under the Equality Act 2010, a religion or belief must be recognised as being cogent, serious, cohesive and compatible with human dignity.” The Equality Act 2010.

Islam is NOT compatible with human dignity. Those Muslims that are able to fit in to western societies do so in spite of their ‘religion’. The teachings of Islam are counter to Human Rights and dignity – and this is the reason for the violence and destruction so prevalent and the failure of Muslim majority nations.

Look at how India is so much more of an economic success than Pakistan despite having the same people and land – only they are not Muslim in majority. Look at how Iran hangs gays, look at how Saudi bans women from driving and funds terror. Look at Albania – famous for its sex-traffickers above all – and compare these lands to Israel with its Nobel prize winners, democracy and valiant attempts to protect its citizens in the face of violent attacks from its Muslim neighbours who are proficient only in hate.

Look at how Israel allows Arabs to live in Israel yet how Arab Muslim nations have expelled all Jews and continue to persecute Christians and minority religions. Even Israeli Arabs prefer to remain Israeli rather than be governed by Palestinians. Watch this Arab man tell it like it is – this is a fact that liberals in the West are wilfully blind to – the West IS the Best – because of our culture. Islam enshrines backwards Arab culture into a man-made ‘religious’ cult and worships a murdering warlord in Muhammad:

I would never have dreamt of worrying about what others wish to believe in until the constant drip drip of terror and Muslim demands on our freedoms began to test my normal good grace. When Isis appeared last summer and the Charlie Hebdo and Kosher shootings happened early this year, I as a blogger began to realise that this is no way to exist. Self-censoring because we’d rather continue to have our head attached to our bodies is no way to live. Yet this is what Islam still demands. Muslims have made little sound since these gross attacks on our liberties, except the social media #OurProphetOurHonour campaign and the petition FOR blasphemy laws by Muslims angered at representations of Muhammad.

The obvious truth is that it is madness to remain in denial about Islam – Islam is a cult which wants to destroy all other cultures and beliefs. It is impossible to allow such a belief system the freedom to preach against us openly. The countless attacks on Humanity BY Islam are not isolated incidents – the culprits are all followers of Islam.

There would be no Islamism without Islam. I said that.

Parents brainwash their kids, or kids are ‘radicalised’ by preachers – we know how it works – and the counter-radicalisation programmes have not worked. The Muslim world who wants our destruction also unfortunately combines this with extreme suspicion and distrust of western voices. So all the ‘secular’ Muslims who try and counter radicalisation may have a limited effect – but looking at the bigger picture – those who will cause havoc and terror will do it regardless of a cute and friendly Muslim urging them not to.

There is no way to negotiate with such people – they laugh at all we hold dear, they have an unerring propensity to believe in the most outrageous conspiracy theories (such as the Jews and the CIA creating Isis for example). Talking has been tried – it has failed. Muslims continue to preach against us using the protective cover of ‘religion’ whilst they tell their followers that we ‘kuffar’ need to be annihilated.

Nobody wants to expel Muslims – which is why I think Islam should be investigated as counter to Human Rights, where it will be found wanting, and banned as a cult rather than a religion. Let’s try and ban Islam and see whether this makes it clear that the values we hold dear must be upheld in the west – anyone who can’t live without it can be helped to move – financially. Anyone who wants to live in the west needs to adapt.

My dad was brought up a Hindu in India – he willingly gave it up to come here. He never stopped dreaming, at night, of India and his family – but he had made a choice. He wanted to come to England, and he made friends here, he married a Western woman and had me. He did struggle with racism during the 1960s for a time, but survived and never once told me to hate anyone because of it – in consequence I never felt racism. Perhaps I am thick skinned but I never dressed in a sari except to ‘dress up’ and I was never taught Hindi or Urdu by my dad. I was taught French by my mum and always came top of my class in English at school. I always thought it was a shame my dad had given up his ‘roots’ – but now I know why – because my dad wanted me to be Western – not Indian. Otherwise he would not have moved to the West but stayed in India. He knew life was better here and he wanted me to be a part of it – not an outsider. He succeeded, and I have succeeded in life. Many of my friends from non-Western heritages have succeeded in life precisely because of their or their parents having rejected their ‘roots’ in the important ways – the ways that allow a person to live life as ‘one of us’ here in the West.

It should be clear to all immigrants surely – you need to fit in or accept you won’t succeed. Life is hard for everyone – why make it harder by hating the host culture and teaching your kids to hate it too? Don’t you realise that after enough provocation, enough shootings and suicide bombings – we will probably grow to hate you back?


The graph above from the Department of Work and Pensions shows us that people claiming benefits from the areas of the world where most Muslims live are the highest. The contribution to the economy of this group is negative £120billion – they take out more in welfare, NHS etc than they pay in taxes.

Similarly, our governments in the West seem to believe we ‘need’ the oil producing nations of the Middle East – which also happen to be keen funders of terror and radical Islam globally. Surely, rather than allowing their hold on us to continue we should demand that our governments urgently explore alternative oil sources and alternative energy sources. These countries produce nothing bar oil and terror – why continue our dependence on them?  We should immediately deport over to Saudi Arabia all the terror convicts, hate preachers and the like who are clearly of no use to us and rather are a threat. Then we should tell these terror exporters that we expect them to start behaving, or face strong sanctions. Certainly selling arms to them is a nonsense of the criminal kind – as they only end up being used on Westerners at some point.

We can do without Islam – yet our leaders continue to pander to it. I say – let Islam live as it wants in Muslim lands – and let us live in peace without them.

‘For Muhammad, the killing of a woman while breastfeeding is too trivial for goats to lock horns over’

“After studying the Hadith, the Koran, the Islamic Books, I have come to the conviction that it is impossible for any human being to read the biography of Muhammad and believe in it yet emerge a psychologically and mentally healthy person”.

“The way Muhammad killed Aswaa bint Marwan – His followers tore her body apart from limb to limb as she was breastfeeding her child”

Arab-American Psychiatrist Wafaa Sultan

This video is a must-watch to understand the true barbarity of the life of Muhammad and how it is inconceivable that Islam, in being founded purely on the basis of his life and ‘revelations’ could be anything but ruinous to not just mental health but social stability, peace and civilisation.

Please sign and share the petition asking our leaders to examine Islam honestly as to breaches of Human Rights law.



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