The Violence of Isis is in the Koran – Raymond Ibrahim

Raymond Ibrahim, author of ‘Crucified Again’ on the Glazov Gang – well worth watching because of the clarity of the speakers on how Islam causes terror –

“Those people who are the most draconian, the most vicious, are following Islam most closely…Islam as a ‘religion’ is very much supportive of Isis’.”

“Islamic scripture orders what Isis is doing – slaughter everyone. This reality is so well documented in the core texts of Islam and we choose to ignore this.

“If poverty caused people to become terrorists – there would also be Christian terrorists. Yet we don’t have a single example of this from Christians acting for Jesus – because there is no theological basis for terror in the Bible the way there is in the core texts of Islam – Koran and Hadith”

“Obama is enabling Jihad. He comes from an Islamic background …. he knows better…. he should and could do more.

“I’m trying to open minds – against political correctness and censorship – it’s so hard to get the message out about Islam”.

Please sign and share this petition demanding our leaders – POTUS  – at present Obama but whoever that will be come 2016, David Cameron and the UN to examine Islam for Human Rights abuses:


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