Athar Khan – There Are NO Moderate Muslims

Athar Khan is an extremely brave young secular Canadian Muslim of Pakistani origin who has the courage to speak out about Islam – the truth of the intolerance and racism inherent within it. In this clip with Michael Rosen he talks bout the glaring lack of ‘Not in Our Name’ gatherings of Muslims marching out in support of victims of Islam:

“Muslims have contempt for minorities and Jews. In the Muslim community since I was young, I have experienced this.

“Canadian society is the most caring society. People coming from Pakistan etc – they are not as caring as Canadians. Muslims often buy into Leftist narrative and vice-versa. Anjem Choudary picks up Leftist talking points when he comes to the UK.

“A Pakistani woman told me – I would not send my son to Isis but to Israel (to Hamas) I definitely would”

Please sign and share this petition demanding Islam is examined as counter to Human Rights – thank you.


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