We don’t have an Israel to move to.

In Michel Houllebecq’s new novel, Submission his Jewish girlfriend emigrates from France to Israel because of rising anti-semitism. In light of the constant flow of attacks on Humanity by Islam and its followers, I am beginning to worry – what do we, non-Jews, do if we seek to escape the tyranny of Islam? 

We live in what was the wonderful free West, a bastion of free enterprise, hard-won Liberties and Human Rights, the Civil Society and the rule of Law. All of these are a work in progress and we need to keep up the struggle to keep them alive as they are the best way of ensuring Human Dignity and Security are always protected. Western nations have done terrible things in the name of ‘civilisation’ yes, slavery, colonies etc – but in the end they have withdrawn from these and settled to live peaceably within their own borders.

Today, most likely out of guilt for what was done in the name of the West historically, for some reason our leaders seem unable to stand up for what is great and good about the West today. We are none of us actively culpable in slavery – we try and promote fair trade and conservation and equal rights. Yet the innate good-ness of the West is rarely mentioned today – our children are taught to hate themselves with stories of slavery and colonisation and sin. Yet this is to wilfully ignore that the West is truly today the ONLY part of the world where Human Rights and freedoms are secure. In the West I include of course valliant Israel and also India as the world’s greatest democracy, though it has a ways to go to improving life for its people yet. Yet having said that, India’s people are happier than Pakistan’s. Yet the stem from the same stock you might say? Was the partitioning of the land SO unfair as to land Pakistan with such a bad lot?

No – it Pakistan’s backwards nature stems purely from its Majority Muslim population and the belief system they so slavishly follow.

I feel for young girls and boys, like Malala Yousafzai, who have to fear still today to attend school in Pakistan because the Taliban seems to delight in attacking schools which teach anything but Koranic study. And these same crazed Muslim fanatics then believe that there is an international conspiracy to bring down Muslims because their lands are so backwards compared to their non-Muslim neighbours. They themselves ban education, create such chaotic insecurity that civilisation cannot flourish and foment conflict, then they complain that it was all the Jews or the CIA.

You may say – Oh – but Pakistan is a very poor nation. No wonder they are so backwards. But no – same genes, same land as India – yet beyond help, because the violent and regressive ideology of Islam is terrorising the people to a point where civilisation is impossible. The same is happening all over the world where Muslims are in a majority, and this is just to state the facts as they happen to Muslims, and to ignore the systemic persecution and genocide of any unfortunate non-Muslims who happen to reside in these lands. Sikhs, Hindus, Yazidis, Coptic Christians and of course, Jews – have and are now being persecuted and massacred by Muslims, in Muslim majority countries.

And knowing all of this, our leaders in the still as yet free world, have decided to import millions of Muslims from these Muslim majority lands. Yes of course there are some true refugees amongst them – but it is known that there are many thousands of people claiming refugee status who are in fact the perpetrators of evil against humanity in war-torn lands – Somalia, Syria etc. We allowed Muslims to come in as economic migrants too – from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Algeria etc – yet we didn’t consider that if they have made so little progress at civilisation and modernising in their native lands – why would they change once they came to ours?

In fact the demographic statistics are clear – Muslims always fare worse than ANY other religious group whether it comes to education or employment or class of employment – Muslims with few exceptions (those less devout anomalies that everyone holds out as examples of why Muslims are so great) perform at the bottom of the socio-economic model in our western nations. This is despite free education and equal opportunities law. Why? Are they by any means darker skinned and suffer racism more than others? NO – many Hindus and Christians from Africa are darker skinned and still fare better than Muslims. Muslims can be any colour you like – and still they will be over-represented in the bottom of any league.

Of course there is ONE league table Muslims come out tops in – that for Terrorism. Muslims have perpetrated 25120 terrorist atrocities globally since 9/11 – and counting, sadly. This is not in ANY way comparable to any attacks by members of any other religion. As you will know from this blog, the Koran and Hadith and Surah are replete with calls to violence and detailed descriptions of violent punishments that Muhammad had meted out and told his followers across time to copy. And that is what ‘good’ Muslims have been doing. They have been destroying infidels and blasphemers left right and centre. They have been celebrating terror attacks and encouraging more, and proselytising and preaching hate –


Yet our leaders act as if these were ANY OTHER RANDOM CITIZENS acting in this way. Sure – these are simply random attacks by unrelated crazies? NO. A million times no. HOW DARE our leaders keep pretending that each successive attack on innocent civilians is just something we need to ‘put up with’ or ‘get used to’, or a temporary setback? What about the parents of each victim that has been barbarically murdered on our free Western soil?

Don’t our leaders want to wage war against our aggressors to ensure we will be safe?  Do we have a Churchill who will lead us to victory against the fascistic foes?

No. Our leaders are just keeping their heads down and hoping this will blow over. Just as they did with Isis, and now look at how well that tactic went – they have land the size of Belgium and continue to grow.

Just because the aggressor happens to live within our borders, and maybe they were born here, is NO reason not to act! These people want our destruction. They openly state this on public websites, Twitter and Facebook and in Mosques and Prisons and Universities. Yet it is those who CRITICISE ISLAM which are banned from entering our nations and stopped from promoting their messages.

Jews and cartoonists are not safe in Europe without a police guard (and even with one). Yet we all KNOW the reason for this insecurity, for these murders, this butchery. The reason is Islam and its evil ideology of hate and supremacist conquest. It permits rape, incest, adultery. stoning, slavery, beheadings, torture, mass murder, killing by burning people alive, amputations, looting – all because their revered ‘prophet’ did these things because his convenient ‘revelations’ told him he could. Sure. How stupid are these people to believe? And that brings me back to the mass ignorance and illiteracy of Muslims globally – they still live in the stone age, because their ‘religion’ keeps them there. They blame the West for their depredations, but it is their parents, Imams and leaders which engender and perpetuate them. Then they bring this vicious evil to our civilised lands and are surprised when we are distrustful of them? They keep killing us and yet all they can say is that they fear ‘Islamophobia’? This is cowardly, base and cunning. They are lying to us to protect their evil cult – and our leaders buy into it lock stock and barrel.

My grandfather was German, he fought with the Wehrmacht out of patriotism and was killed by Soviets – but they started the war so my family would never complain about his end and the poverty that brought to them for years. We are glad Germany lost the world wars, because they were wrong. Germany knows this and the world knows it. Germany has banned Nazism – but in its fervent efforts to redeem itself it has allowed millions of Muslims in to Germany. Pegida is the voice of the people attempting to recover the ‘permission’ to love being German, to say actually, it’s OK to enjoy my culture and to wish to preserve it. The movement is growing throughout Europe because everywhere we are told that unless we are fresh off the boat from a dusty ‘ethnic’ land, we’re somehow corrupt and in the wrong. This is the old socialist idea of the ‘bourgeoisie’ at work in new clothing, of course. Muslims are ‘good’ because they are usually poor. Rest of us – native born and non-Muslim immigrants are ‘bad’ because we tend to be richer. Never mind that it is the corrupt system of Islam and the stubborn clinging on to backwards traditions despite having the same opportunities as everyone else which keeps these people poor. Why else are Chinese and Indians so much better integrated in the West? BECAUSE THEY WANT TO INTEGRATE!! It’s hard – yes, but it is possible. There is no excuse for Muslims to constantly play the victim.

The fact that the German who started Pegida dressed as a Nazi is deplorable – but the support for the movement stems not from far-right hate but from a desperate need for the voice of those that love their native culture and origins to be heard. Right now, it’s seen as evil to be ‘Nationalistic’ – thanks to Hitler. Yet people who have actually tasted what it’s like to live in those dusty ‘ethnic’ places tend to have a different view of things – witness all the ex-Muslims who testify to the innate ‘better-ness’ of the West. But only immigrants who love freedom, get democracy and want Human Rights and equality for all understand this. Sadly many Muslims clearly do not – as seen with all the demonstrations of rage at cartoons, the persistent refusal to stand with Israel’s right to defend herself against Hamas terror, the constant equivocating of the Crusades with Isis. The arguments deployed by Muslims called ‘moderate’ by our media who refuse to name Islam as the source of this terror are all the same and found on Global Caliphate seeking sites like Hizbut Tahir. This is grossly treasonous and I can’t believe our leaders stand by and do nothing.

Islam has started this war – the war on the West, by bombing us at home and our embassies abroad, killing and kidnapping our people – yet they keep demanding special treatment and complaining of ‘Islamophobia’ to blind us to the obvious evil of Islam.

I see why Muslims would do this – to keep the status quo that allows them to thrive in our lands despite the killings. But why do our leaders allow these people to terrorise us in what should be our civilised, free world? It’s horrific in Muslim majority nations – why should our leaders allow Muslims to turn our world into that rubbish? Why should Jews need police protection – have they not suffered enough? Since Islam teaches Muslims to feel superior to and hate all non-Muslims, we are all at risk and should rightly be getting a police protection too. That is a crazy situation – why allow a vicious minority to frighten and terrorise everyone else in the West? Why is Muslim’s right to religion freedom allowed to trump non-Muslims’ rights to life, freedom of expression and speech and all other human rights?

Do WE want to be the new Jews? Do we want to be terrorised, oppressed, murdered in our own Western nations?

We don’t have an Israel to move to in order to escape Islamic terror – please please push for our leaders to address this – it’s Islam that is the problem – it’s obvious to everyone including our leaders behind closed doors. They just need pressure from the people to act.

Please listen to ex-Muslims when they say that Islam is an evil cult and sign and share this petition to put pressure on our world leaders to examine Islam and finally have the mandate to do something about it. Thank you.



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