NOT before time – Nick Cohen in Standpoint exposes the Left’s gross appeasement of Islam

“There are now more British Muslims fighting for Islamic State than serving in the British Army.”

I have just been passed a link to a brilliant article Nick Cohen has written in Standpoint magazine about how the Left will literally protest and block anything but Islam. In the end, The Left panders to and appeases what is clearly a totalitarian ideology. Those on the Left of UK politics will turn out in protest of UKIP, Scientists who wear racy shirts, and especially it will ban the wearing of Muhammad cartoon T-shirts:

“The authorities at the London School of Economics punished atheist students for wearing T-shirts with a cartoon of Jesus saying “hey” and Muhammad saying “How ya doin’?”, taken from the online “Jesus and Mo” strip. The sight of a cartoon image of Muhammad was too much for the university to bear. The LSE students union egged the administrators on, and passed a motion saying that it was “racist” to fear Islamic culture, even if that culture included variants of sharia law that mandate unequal treatment for women, Christians and Jews.

“A few weeks ago, the Lawyers’ Secular Society was due to present a report to law students at the University of West London on the Islamic supremacists who have spoken at British campuses in 2014. The university banned the society from holding its meeting. (It would produce “bad publicity”, apparently.) In other words, while extremist preachers stalked the campuses, students who wanted to argue against them were thrown out.

Here is a quote from one group which IS allowed on UK campuses, The Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA):

“If someone’s going to fight against the [Muslim] community they should be killed”; “sexual relations were permitted between a man and his female slaves”; “adultery is punishable by death, and a slow and painful death by stoning.”

Nick Cohen sums up the Left’s failure as such:

“Teachers, musicians, comedians, authors and liberal-left intellectuals and politicians ignore the Islamist far-Right. They are frightened of accusations of racism. They think the cause of liberal Muslims hopeless, and not worth arguing for. As a result, the young men who end up killing, enslaving, raping and dying in Syria and Iraq — and maybe soon in Britain too — have not grown up hearing arguments against extremism. “

“In Britain today friends of mine live like dissidents in a dictatorship. They meet in secret. They vet new arrivals to ensure they are not spies. They are ex-Muslims living in a supposedly free country who fear their enemies will damn them as apostates and kill them.”

As readers of this blog will know, I am pushing for a public recognition of the true facts about Islam – I want our politicians and our media to stop calling it the ‘Religion of Peace’ when it is evident from the history of the life of Muhammad and the history of Muslims since his death that Islam has ALWAYS been violent, supremacist and totalitarian – it is a successful belief world-wide ONLY because of violent conquest of non-Muslim lands.

Today Muslims have emigrated to the West, and the vast majority are isolating themselves from all that is good about the West. They are refusing to befriend Westerners because Islam forbids the befriending of non-Muslims, parents don’t prize education so often their children will fail at school or else become radicalised at ‘universities’ where radical preachers are allowed to recruit. In all of this the Left is working behind the scenes facilitating this madness. As Nick Cohen rightly states, most teachers are on the Left, as are university staff and lecturers, everyone who was such as fan of ‘multiculturalism’ allowed generations of Muslims to come to the West and play no active part in the nations that welcomed them. Satellite TV streams anti-Western ideology straight into their homes, and the web more radical thought and of course the Left will vociferously oppose any restrictions on our ‘freedom’ to communicate and access information. Most importantly though, is that the Left has been forcing a silence on the issue of Islam from our politicians of every stripe and from our media. To criticise Islam today is to be tarred far-right or racist.

So when Muslims immigrated to the West no-one told them about Western values, no-one even thought to consider what Islamic values were and whether these were compatible with ours because that might have been politically incorrect.

In fact, Nick Cohen does not go as far as to say this, but I do – Islam is fundamentally opposed to all Left ideals such as freedom of speech, tolerance of other religions, equality for women, gay rights, pacifism and non-violence. It is all right there in the life of Muhammad who was a violent war-monger who had hundreds killed in pursuit of wealth and power and using his new belief system as a convenient cover. Dr Wafaa Sultan is an ex-Muslim and a psychologist who states quite clearly that belief in Islam is incompatible with mental health because its founder was so barbaric and cruel – see it in her own words here.

All that the Left and Islam have in common is a fundamental inability to take responsibility for their own actions and for the direction their life is going in. They would both rather complain and protest, and in the case of Stalin, Mao, the Ottomans, Isis, Boko Haram etc kill, those who defy their creed. Both belief systems are ultimately totalitarian, supremacist dogmas and completely incompatible with modern Western democracies. It is no wonder the Left is so slow to criticise Islam when it probably sees its own failings mirrored back at it when it examines Islam.

I say this as an ex-Leftie myself – but one who had to reject it in the face of 13 years of UK Labour government failings and unbelievable double-think portraying its failures as victories and refusing to apologise or change its ways. I went to university where lecturers and tutors were simply there to brainwash pupils in Left ideology. I saw for myself how the Left really does always ruin an economy, always spends more than it earns and always blames the rich for all the failings of the state.

In the case of the UK the Labour years of ’97-’10 allowed an open-door immigration of Muslims to the UK, using the excuse of ‘benefits to the economy’ when much more likely was it that they knew such migrants would be Labour voters. They then encouraged a ‘multicultural’ approach which saw even street signs in Tower Hamlets in Bangladeshi- so much so that today we really do have enclaves where the Muslim population outnumbers others.

But for anyone who does see the truth – that Islam is incompatible with all the freedoms, peace, tolerance, democracy and Human Rights which we hold dear – we must act. If we do not act – it is very likely that it will simply be too late. Muslim population growth is outnumbering Western population growth by a factor of around 2-1 currently due to the difference in the number of children non-Muslims and Muslims have. This may or may not continue – but in fact another reason for the growth in the Muslim population is the large number of conversions to Islam – there are around 100,000 Muslim converts in the UK for example. Prisons and universities as well as the web are rich recruiting grounds for this ideology of hate – so suited to young people who don’t fit in in normal society. In this way as in all other ways – Islam is a cult just like Scientology.

The fact is that if we in the West continue to be shy about promoting what’s good about our culture, and keep allowing Islamic preaching and recruiting to go on unchecked, preaching loudly about real and imagined Western evils, this is likely to grow, and recruits to Jihad both abroad and at home will increase.

The reason we are shy about talking up our good points is, of course, that the Left continuously focuses on the Holocaust, Empire and slavery as evidence of the West’s failings – it in fact sneers at patriotism as jingoistic and ultimately ‘racist’. It conveniently forgets that we in the US and UK fought Hitler tooth and nail, whilst Stalin killed even more people than Hitler managed to and Mao Zedong killed 65 million Chinese as a result of his failed attempts at creating a socialist China. The Left also conveniently forgets that it was the US Republican Party in fact has its origins in anti-slavery politics and outlawed slavery against the wishes of the Democrats. In the UK it was Tory Benjamin Disraeli who invented the very idea of a welfare state:

“…[the use of the term] “welfare state” has been connected to Benjamin Disraeli‘s 1845 novel Sybil: or the Two Nations (i.e., the rich and the poor), which speaks of “the only duty of power, the social welfare of the PEOPLE.'”[11] At the time he wrote Sybil, Disraeli, later Prime Minister, belonged to Young England, a conservative group of youthful Tories who were appalled by what they saw as the Whig indifference to the horrendous conditions of the industrial poor. Members of Young England attempted to kindle among the privileged classes a sense of responsibility toward the less fortunate and a recognition of the dignity of labor that they imagined had characterized England during the Feudal Middle Ages.[12] From Wikipedia.

When will we stop putting up with this treasonous fraud perpetrated by the Left that somehow the West is responsible for all the globe’s ills from terrorism to famine? Surely it should be noted in the interest of fairness that if it were not for the stability and peace afforded to the people BY capitalism and Western democracy, the very concept of Human Rights would not exist? Nor would the many cures and treatments for disease which Western scientists have developed and which the West has gifted to the world often through aid. Importantly – so many millions of non-Westerners would not try any means available to them (including dangerous crossings of the Mediterranean and hiding in lorries) to reach the West if it was not SO MUCH WORSE MOSTLY EVERYWHERE ELSE!

Why would so many Muslims want to come to the West if not for the better prospects available here? And why are these available? Yes we had Empire, but so had Ottoman Turkey and so has Islam had Caliphates (most MUCH more violent and cruel than ours by the way – see how Islam predated the British Empire in India for more).

So why is the West so much better at creating peaceful stable wealthy nations than anywhere else? Well, briefly, we have the rule of law including equality before the law, freedom of thought and expression, the urge to civilise, competitive economies, property ownership, democracy and the separation of Church and State. Our secular societies prize rationality and the Enlightenment over religious superstition. Niall Ferguson’s Civilization elucidates all these reasons and is worth reading.

Importantly – Islam threatens ALL of these. Islam recognises no law but its own Sharia law. Islam bans any thought or religion that counters its own and kills dissenters. Islamic law IS Islam – there is no separation between Mosque and State. That is what we are dealing with in the West with our Muslim populations – Islam is an ideology which runs diametrically counter to all that both those on the Left and Right of Western politics hold dearest – freedom, tolerance, equality, democracy and peace.

The Left must finally wake up to the fact that yes, some Muslims are indeed brown, and many are poor, but that does not excuse the virulent anti-democratic, intolerant, bigoted and violent behaviour being promoted and more often than not, accommodated, within the community. Many other poor brown people have had no such trouble making good lives for themselves in the West – most notably Indians and Sikhs. Why is this? Indians were colonised let’s not forget (by Muslims as well as the British). This doesn’t seem to have left the scar which the Left seem so keen on awarding to ethnic types as a free pass for all sorts of misdeeds.

I say this as a half-Indian person – Indians just work hard and get on with life – because they realise that life is more important than endless hatred and revenge for the past. Jews are the same – look at Israel now. Neither of us feel the need to scream and shout and behead people much.

The key thing that every other group which gets on in the West have in common is this – that they are not Muslims. Indians, Sikhs, Chinese get on in the West and at home so much better than Muslims do – because they have a different culture, and a different religion which does not ban socialising with non-Muslims nor reject the validity of non-Muslim laws and cultures. Islam is more concerned with believers’ submission to the belief system by promising them amazing things in the hereafter, than their success in this life. So when a population doesn’t care about success in this life, nor makes much of an attempt to achieve success (eg through education, integration, learning the ways of the new home nation etc) then why should we still bend over backwards to explain away their bad behaviour on the basis of their poverty? It is a poverty which they glorify in and are proud of.

Islam’s is a self-perpetuating kind of poverty which no amount of outside help with change because Islam is a culture which is at heart of the 7th century and which forbids any change.

Maintaining our freedom and Human Rights is essential – but that should not mean allowing Islam to use this freedom of speech to preach against us! Nor should we allow Islam to hide behind religious equality laws in order to subvert, recruit and destroy our way of life and threaten all non-Muslims. Our Human Rights as non-Muslims are being breached by the presence of a virulent bunch of Muslims in our Western nations which want our downfall – but the Left is only interested in preserving the rights of Muslims.

The Left has a lot to answer for – not least in allowing the migration of so many Muslims to the West whilst making it unseemly to require them to integrate. Between 2001 and 2009 the Muslim population increased almost 10 times faster than the non-Muslim population.[7]

It is now time that the Left woke up to the threat which it has been aiding and facilitating and what it means to all of us who are non-Muslims, and to our freedoms and Human Rights. The Left must mobilise against this new and very real fascistic force – Islam. Because if it doesn’t, there’s a very real danger than we will sleepwalk into a situation where the intolerance, oppression and violence of Islam becomes so pervasive within our society that it is impossible to extricate ourselves from it.

“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light,” said Max Planck, “but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”


Please sign and share this petition widely to make our leaders examine Islam for its breaches of Human Rights.


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