Sharia in the UK and No-Go Zones – Nothing to do with Islam

Freedom is under extreme pressure.
Freedom is under extreme pressure.

The situation in the UK is very worrying right now. There has been much ridicule of the idea of Muslim ‘No-Go Zones’ within the UK, but in fact there do exist areas where non-Muslims rightly feel uncomfortable and unwanted, and where Muslims outnumber others – see below.

It is time that our political leaders acknowledged this as an issue, which the people rightly are very concerned about, and that a debate were begun as a Nation on what we want the UK to be like in 50 years’ time. Do we want Sharia law legitimised and imposed upon us? Do we want Muslim law to supplant our Secular Law?

Do we want to allow Muslims to claim ever increasing privilege to do as they please regardless of the law – effectively acting as though they were above the law of the UK? Or do we want to uphold our ancient freedoms and rule of law dating back to Magna Carta? Do we care at all about the Human Rights which we today take for granted, or do we not mind sleepwalking into becoming like Iran or Saudi Arabia?

This is the time to decide and act upon it – because as the below shows, significant parts of the UK are already effectively colonised by Muslims of a particularly backwards, tribal mentality fresh from Bangladesh or Pakistan. Non-Muslim law holds no sway over these people, and even further, they are ruled by even smaller tribal laws within their community. We are not and never will be Bangladesh or Pakistan – so why should we accept that parts of our great nation are ruled as if we were in the 3rd world?

The fact is, Christians and the non-religious are far too quiet in opposing the narrative proposed by Islam that unless we allow them all sorts of special rights which effectively bring them outside the law, we are racist or ‘Islamophobic’.

Whilst I’m sure most of us are happy for anyone to hold whatever belief they wish as long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s life or well-being, ‘religious’ belief starts to get worrying when that belief begins to make demands of others.

We are right to be completely opposed to any form of Islamic take-over of our civil life – Islamic schools, Islamic councils, Islamic Sharia Law etc – because wherever these have occurred in the past there has been evidence of forms of radicalising and extremist or just plain corrupt behaviour. This is not acceptable within the UK – but it’s no good continuing to pretend that it’s a lone rotten apple EACH TIME! Just today there’s been the revelations of an Halal abattoir slaying animals with blunt knives without stunning them. On the same day, Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman is going to trial over allegations of corruption under his leadership at the council. The ‘Trojan Horse’ schools scandal revealed that Muslim schools were segregating boys and girls and teaching Sharia Law rather than UK values. Sadly the list goes on to cover Rotherham’s child abuse and radical preachers at Mosques, support of extremists of so-called ‘Moderate Muslims‘, links with terrorists of Mayoral candidates and on and on.

Each time, both media and politicians are at great pains to avoid suggesting there is a link with Islam – in fact stating that ‘This has nothing to do with Islam’.

This is a terrible fraud perpetrated by our leaders upon us the people – if they don’t know the full details of Islam being founded by a mass murderer then they should educate themselves. The issue is too important to be left to people who are vague on the facts and the history of Islam. It is also no good pussy footing around in the vain hope that Muslim immigrants and their children will somehow just integrate magically – Islam is too strong an ideology to allow that – it specifically bans its followers from befriending non-Muslims or from respecting the law unless it is Muslim law. The facts speak for themselves – young Muslims are even more ‘extreme’ than their parents – they are hardly going to spawn sandal wearing love and peace types by some miracle.

The issue is in fact precisely this – the ideology of Islam is one that binds its followers to a timeless doctrine of hatred for unbelievers, duty to seize and control land for an Islamic Caliphate, and fear of torture in hell for questioning the belief system. Islam sanctions torture and murder – as the theocratic regimes in Iran and Saudi Arabia testify.

Muslims who happen to live in the West are not magically transformed from the billions of Muslims in Muslim lands who advocate stoning and the death penalty for Blasphemy or the slaying of non-Muslims. They have merely been keeping their heads down until they are in sufficient numbers to alter our way of life through our very own democracy, using freedom of speech as an expedient to promote and recruit followers to this ideology of hate.

The West is under threat – we are not perfect, but compared to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Saudi, Yemen, Qatar, Nigeria, Indonesia, Algeria, Egypt, Afghanistan and other Muslim nations, we are head and shoulders above them in terms of freedom, Human Rights, civilisation, equality for women and gays and protections by the rule of law. No-one is advocating transforming those nations (no matter how beneficial it would be to the people) – but I for one am certainly advocating NOT allowing our Western nations to become little versions of these nations. We’ve already heard of ‘Londonistan’ or ‘Belgistan’ – it’s kinda funny at first, but when one considers the build-up of events, one of top of the other, of efforts of Muslims to rule over non-Muslims and transform the culture and fabric of our beautiful free world – I say NO! No More.

It’s sad to think of the Muslims being oppressed globally but sadly we are never thanked for going in and helping them. At home however we can make a change. We can make it clear that only religions which do not sanction murder and torture as appropriate ways to deal with critics form part of our nations. We can state clearly that Islam is incompatible with our Human Rights law and as such has no place in our lands. Muslims are lucky – they have as many as 54 Muslim nations they can go and live in.

To Muslims I say this – Why come to the West to live, if our way of life is intolerable to you? Surely you came here to benefit your family by giving them better education, healthcare and prospects? Do you seriously think that by transforming the West into miniature versions of your Muslim homes you will be contributing to these opportunities or don’t you rather think that the very reason life is so good here in the West is because we prioritise rationality and science over medieval superstitions? If you’re not sure you like it here – go home! There is no way that we in the West will change to accommodate your desire for Female Genital Mutilation, Cousin Marriage, Sharia Law, Burkas, Muslim Schools, Child Marriage etc – it is not part of our strong belief in the rule of law, in Human Rights to allow any of these. Islam is behind all of these abuses of Human dignity and freedom. SO if you want them, you must go and live in a Muslim nation. The West must be spectacularly NON-Muslim from now on so it is perfectly clear that none of this behaviour is permitted. The blurred lines of multiculturalism are inappropriate in an age where Muslims kill cartoonists and soldiers in our own lands for Islam.

It is incumbent upon our leaders to now listen to the people who do NOT want our Western Nations to sleepwalk into Islamic rule and Sharia Law. Islam must be examined for its Human Rights breaches and banned as an ideology from the West. Further, we must immediately stop trading arms to Muslim states. The Arab world needs the West more than we need it – see an Arab man make this point – it simply does not manufacture anything. We know they fund terror globally but we continue to trade with them? This is madness. We know Muslim immigrants make no effort to integrate, offer little in terms of economic contribution bar trading to each other and taking benefits for their large families (a net loss) – so why do we maintain the pretence that we need ALL immigrants? Sure we need immigrants but not Muslim immigrants.

There are now too many examples of Muslims stating quite clearly they want our downfall – when will our leaders wake up? Please sign this petition and help make this happen.

This from the 2011 Census shows there are enclaves of Britain where Muslims form major parts or even the majority of the population:

London Borough of Tower Hamlets: Bethnal Green South (45.7%); Bromley-by-Bow (48.7%); East India and Lansbury (42.9%); Limehouse (35.5%); Mile End and Globe Town (34.3%); Mile End East (45.9%); Shadwell (46.7%); Spitalfields and Banglatown (38.6%); St Dunstan’s and Stepney Green (48.7%); Weavers (30.3%); and Whitechapel (42.4%).

Bradford (West Yorkshire): Bowling and Barkerend (45.8%); Bradford Moor (72.8%); City (57.3%); Great Horton (42.8%); Heaton (55.9%); Keighley Central (51.2%); Little Horton (58.0%); Manningham (75.0%); Toller (76.1%)

Blackburn with Darwen: Audley (68.7%); Bastwell (85.3%); Corporation Park (62.6%); Little Harwood (51.9%); Queen’s Park (51.5%); Shear Brow (77.7%); Wensley Fold (39.8%)

Many areas of Britain with large concentrations of Pakistani, Kashmiri and Bangladeshi Muslims, however, are insular, parallel societies that are run according to patronage-based politics, known as the biraderi (clan or tribal) system. These enclaves are also run according to Sharia law, as evidenced by the prevalence of honor-based violence, polygamy and forced marriage.

A report by the former chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, Lord Ouseley, foundthat arranged marriages, common among Asian Muslims, are a key factor in the formation of Muslim ghettoes in Britain. The report said:

“The Sikh and Hindu communities are doing relatively well. Overall, their children are performing above average in educational terms. They tend to be better housed and are more likely to be in employment than are those of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origins. This can be explained mainly in class terms. Most of the Sikhs and Hindus come from the middle strata of their societies and are relatively well educated. Most of the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, predominantly Muslim, come from rural, or more correctly, peasant societies. Many have relatively little education and hold traditionalist views on religion. This, coupled with complex family relationships often identified with land ownership in Pakistan and Bangladesh, leads to a predominance of first cousin marriages which include one spouse from the country of origin. It is estimated these constitute 60% of marriages. This has a significant impact.

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