Islam – the religion of peace in action

‘We share the same values of respect, and dignity, and human worth’ – George W. Bush. Oh really?

‘Muslims make a valuable contribution’ – Gordon Brown

‘American Muslims have enriched the United States’ – Barack Obama.

Islam hides behind the myth of its being a ‘religion’ to promote ideas contrary to Western law and values. Islam is NOT a religion, nor a race. Falsely accepting that it is means that behaviour which would otherwise be banned as hate crime.

Islam deems apostasy a crime punishable by death. Blasphemy also incurs the death penalty. Sharia is inherent to being a Muslim and terror and conquest of all non-Muslims is the key reason for the ‘success’ of Islam worldwide. Islam bans all questioning and terrorises its own believers – keeping them bound to the Cult. It targets the under-educated and vulnerable globally to convert.

Islam subjugates women completely.  Women covered under Burkas, Honour Killings, Forced Marriage are all unfortunate symptoms of Islam in the UK.

Muhammad himself killed and raped, married a 6 year old girl and promoted bloody conquest. Polygamy, persecution of Jews and Christians, Barbarism such as beheading and crucifixion was what the originator of the Koran practised – and this is the ‘Perfect Person’ which Muslims are told to emulate. Isis, Taliban, Boko Haram, Hamas and all the rest are simply following the life of the prophet – they are not an exception. Sharia law is already used in the UK – Islam rejects any other law. Muslim schools teach children not to respect the Western values of the land they live in. Vigilantes implement no-go zones. Inbreeding is rife in the Pakistani population especially and leads to terrible deformities and of course additional submission to the family and the Cult.

Islam uses psychological indoctrination – Muslim apostates testify to this and they above all must be listened to. Those Muslims who assert it is peaceful are deluded – and the horror of Islamic killing is evidence to this. Indoctrinated Muslims turning a blind eye to the blatant evil of this Cult is almost understandable but our non-Muslim Western leaders? This is madness. We must all petition our leaders to urgently assess the true nature of Islam by seeking out Muslim apostates who can give the true picture of Islam the Death Cult.

Muslims hide behind the cry of ‘Islamophobia’ whenever there is criticism of their Cult. In turn they openly promote anti-Western values, Jew-hatred and intolerance. The number of attacks and foiled attacks on the West are legion and sadly in the developing world this is even worse. Allowing the spread of Islam in this way is allowing evil to grow openly.

If Christians were perpetrators of any of these evils there would be outcry and the perpetrators jailed. Why not with Islam? Clearly – the taboo is that some Muslims are brown-skinned and thus needs to be immune from all criticism for fear of appearing intolerant. Sadly – this convoluted thinking ignores that Islam is the most intolerant ideology in the world today. We must demand that Islam is removed from the West.

Islam is not a religion but a CULT – just like Scientology. We must demand an inquiry of our leaders into the Koran and the aims of Islam. We must question the loyalty of our leaders who constantly give Islam a free pass. Islam is against our values and peace. It must be questioned much more closely – and it will be found wanting. Islam must be banned – as it stands against all that civilised society holds dear.

Islam is peace? Let’s see – please take the time to watch this important video:
Populus Poll (2006): 12% of young Muslims in Britain (and 12% overall) believe that suicide attacks against civilians in Britain can be justified. 1 in 4 support suicide attacks against British troops.


Please sign and share the petition to have Islam examined as antithetical to Human Rights:


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