70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz – but antisemitism isn’t dead.

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day please watch this video and read Hugo Rifkind’s blog.

And think about whether it could happen again – whether in all the worries about ‘Islamophobia’ we are not forgetting about ‘Jew-phobia’ otherwise known as Antisemitism – the hatred that led to this. Jews are leaving Europe in hordes – because they feel unsafe all over again. Not just because of the far-right – in fact, mostly because of Muslims, for so many of whom Jew-hate is taught along with the Koran.

It is hugely important that in commemorating the liberation of the survivors of the Holocaust we do not simply relegate it to the past. We must act to stop it ever happening again in the West at least – and defend Israel’s right to exist. All right-thinking people should consider whether it is right that we prioritise the sensitivities of those who are shouting loudest – Muslims in their cries of ‘Islamophobia’ – over the right to LIFE of that quieter tribe, the Jews, who are ACTUALLY being persecuted and killed, all over Europe – by Muslims.

Let’s stop and think – and see things clearly. Then let’s act – write to your MPs and leaders, and ensure they act on the harassment and oppression of Jews by Muslims rather than pandering to who cries loudest about false ‘Islamophobia’. Then write to biased media outlets and demand that they stop pretending this issue doesn’t exist, and that they stop pandering to the false concept of ‘Islamophobia’ which has been constructed simply to silence all and any criticism of Islam – however necessary.

It is Islam which wants to stifle free speech and which is harassing  and killing Jews and non-Muslims – do not let it.

Please sign and share the petition to have Islam examined as antithetical to Human Rights:



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