EU to ban ‘Islamophobia’?

With scenes such as the one above common place in the Islamic State and the horror of Boko Haram stalking Nigeria, the Taliban slaughtering school children in Pakistan and the terror in Paris so recent in our minds, the idea that we are now no longer allowed to be afraid of Islam is frightening in itself.

Let’s be clear – it is right and rational to fear this cult of violence which openly threatens non-believers and which, when it is in a majority in any nation enshrines violence and barbarism in law. It is right to be afraid of the people who are able to celebrate the killing of innocents such as Lee Rigby, the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and the Kosher Supermarket victims last week. The sad fact is – of course Muslims will encounter fear because of these and all the other anti-Western atrocities – because they are being done in the name of Islam.

Rather than bemoaning it the Muslim community should organise to prevent future attacks, deradicalise its own people and elect leaders which will stand for an Islam which fits in in the West. It should not be up to us, the aggrieved, to be told we are to ‘See no evil, hear no evil’ when it is stalking us at our very doors! It is outrageous that armed police and army must guard Embassies in Europe today, it is madness that Jews must think twice before they wear outward shows of Jewry, it is mad their Synagogues and schools must also be protected by armed police. Islam has a nasty tradition of anti-semitism and of violence which is making itself felt globally at the moment but in fact which has been a tradition unbroken since the first days of the prophet’s ‘revelations’. What have we done? Nothing – bar try and be welcoming and include Muslims within our civil society.

Islamophobia is a myth perpetuated in the attempt to silence critics of Islam.

The best thing the Muslim community would do at this moment is to look inwards at the poison within its body. There was no doubt discrimination felt before these attacks – but since them, it will be more. This is not our fault – it is the fault of the terrorists and of the cult of Islam which promotes violence. It is up to Islam to sort its own house out – not us to suppress our fear and rage that this should be happening to our civilised societies. Sadly we know more attacks will take place – we must use all our powers to prevent these rather than worry about Muslims.

Let’s not forget – all people of colour, gays, Jews, women, disabled people, even Christians will have been on the receiving end of discrimination at some stage. All people will have – it is human nature to discriminate. Islam needs to examine itself for the reason why it reacts with this violence and makes every effort to look for imagined or real slights rather than getting on and working to make a success of themselves.  Countless Jews, Chinese, black people, disabled etc have done this for millennia – it is high time Islam grew a pair and learnt that no-one will love them if they don’t take responsibility for the state of their own house.

Islam – get a life. EU and Western Leaders – get real.

Islamophobia is no more real than Peter Pan – where are the massacred Muslims? No – it is non-Muslims and Jews who are being targeted – so let’s get to the nub of the problem – Islam – and sort that out, rather than imaginary issues.

It is us non-Muslims that are threatened by Muslims, openly on social media and demonstrably in the attacks we have suffered and the arrests of plotters planning further attacks. Isis has called on Muslims living in the West to attack the rest of us – this is clearly happening.

The authorities should be focusing on properly ending the Islamic hate speech that incites violence, blocking access to extremist websites and social media, and stopping broadcasters which perpetuate the Myth of Islamic Oppression – Islam Channel for example. The real problem is Muslims’ intolerance and hatred for non-Muslims.

There are existing laws to deal with violence and hate crime against people based on race or religion – so clearly any issues Muslims might face are already covered by the law. The EU should not pander to Muslim calls for special treatment as this would only help the vile attempts at silencing the debate about Islam. Why should they get a free pass to misbehave? It’s like a drug addict crying ‘It wasn’t my fault I broke into your home and ransacked it and beat you up – I’m an addict’! We would treat the addiction to prevent further attacks, but we would also hold the addict responsible for the damage done. If Islam wants to be treated like everyone else – it must stop behaving worse than everyone else. It must stop asking for special treatment and refusing to see and address the problems within its own house.


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