Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Islam’s Absolutism and Cult of Victimhood & The Religion of Peace

In this wonderful video the gorgeous Ayaan Hirsi-Ali refutes the much-promoted concept of Islam as a religion of peace. She stresses that the religion has been so successful because of a combination of Jihad (Holy War) and Conquest. Yet it has blamed all its failings on outsiders – the Cult of Victimhood, rather than looking inwards at itself – because criticising or even questioning the Koran is banned – it’s total Absolutism bans it.

Hirsi Ali criticises Islam for this and boldly states that this is why Islam can NEVER be a religion of peace – despite what our leaders like to pretend.

After Ayaan comes Maajir Nawaz who now promotes anti-extremism in Islam but was himself a sympathiser of extremism for 13 years. He seems to equivocate a bit when he tells us proudly ‘Even in Israel’ he does not condone suicide bombings. Even in Israel? But surely they are widely accepted as deserving their terrorism – is the suggestion. It feels a bit galling to have to listen to someone who has had a damascene conversion to anti-extremism tell us that Islam is a religion of peace – when he himself disagreed with this statement for 13 years!

It seems tiresome that the debate must always be ‘balanced’ by those Muslims who will tell us that theirs is a peaceful religion – in the face of the most sickening and barbaric medieval butchery being committed TODAY worldwide, in the name of Islam. Maajid seems a very intelligent fellow – yet if even he was able to have been radicalised for so long, and to self-avowedly have promoted that Islam is a religion of WAR – why should we now believe him when he says the opposite?

Maajid was brought up in the UK – but it took him until his imprisonment in his 20s to discover that ‘There is good in the world’ because Amnesty International handed him an olive branch by adopting him as a prisoner of conscience. Sadly I don’t recognise that the UK would have been so evil to him that all this was needed to stop him promoting Jihad across the world. It should not be US, who live peacefully in OUR lands who should have to make special efforts to recognise the good in Jihadists – they have personal responsibility – and it is up to them as Human Beings to develop their world view rationally and in a reasoned way. Or should we treat Muslims like children, who cannot understand what is all around them unless we make a special effort?

Maajid is intelligent – so if it was so hard for him to grasp that all of us, even non-Muslims, are Human, and therefore deserving of basic respect and peaceful treatment, then what hope is there for the hordes of unintelligent, inbred Muslims who have been brought up in enclosed environments within closed Muslim communities, watching Satelite Muslim channels and being inculcated in Islamism online and by their peers?

No – the onus is on Muslims to sort their own house out. We in the UK offer free education, welfare, healthcare, equal rights, free housing, the rule of law which protects all citizens – tolerance, openness and a willingness to criticise our own society for mistreating others. We give Muslims free religious education and the right to build Mosques. In return we get abuse of welfare (see Abu Hamza + family living on welfare to spout hate full-time) we get cousin marriage which causes terrible deformities which destroys the children and which the NHS has to pay for to look after, Muslims openly preaching hate in Mosques and outside of them and Islamism taught in schools.

We have been open, tolerant and have offered equal access and opportunities. I’m sure some Muslims have been victims of abuse – but then so have Indians (called ‘Pakis’ inexplicably), Chinese, Black People, Women, People with Ginger Hair, the Disabled – and there is not a history of violent acts in our own lands by those groups. My own father experienced racism as he was Indian. He NEVER blamed anyone else for his failings. He NEVER brought me up to hate anyone – why would he? He knew that anyone can be discriminated against in life – life is tough. One just needs to tough it our and work harder to succeed. Nobody is responsible for your own success, only yourself. His strategy of self-responsibility worked – he led a good life, gave his daughter the best education he could and lived to see his grandson succeed in an elitist environment.

Why should Islam be uniquely allowed to react violently to each and every real or imagined slight? Frankly – for everyone – life IS a bitch – but most of us just get over that fact and live life rather than blame others for our failures and our sorrows.

Importantly – non-Muslims are routinely abused (see – Rotherham abuse of 1400 girls by Muslim men) and actively attacked (9/11, 7/7, Paris, Boston, Woolwich – the list goes on, sadly) – but do we go and massacre Muslims in retaliation? No, we do not. Our governments like to worry about ‘Islamophobia’ – but this is a myth. We behave like civilised Humans, it is Islam that is rife with violent, hateful hysteria. Why should we be told WE need to re-frame Islam, WE need to make more effort to understand it?

In fact – I used to love Muslims – some, I still do. But the sad truth is that when faced with Gaza and Israel, even the most ‘sane’ and ‘intelligent’ Muslim becomes hollow-eyed and equates Israel’s DEFENCE of herself with the ATTACKS by Islamists on perfectly innocent civilians. Hamas places its children in danger by constantly attacking Israel and refusing peace, and Israel is called a terrorist by the same Muslims whom the Media and our governments present as ‘Moderate Muslims’. It is a massive lie – Islam is NOT a religion of peace, and sadly our Left is colluding with it.

Maajid says, like so many other commentators, that Islam has been hijacked by Islamism. However, the very LIFE of the prophet is littered with over 60 battles and conquests – replete with murders and bloodshed, which conveniently saw his cult imposed upon thousands and grown into a Caliphate. He died with riches and glory based on bloodshed and oppression – hardly a peaceful man – NOT a peaceful religion.

Maajid says we should contextualise the text of the Hadith and Koran – and compares them to the violence espoused by Martin Luther in the Reformation. Yet the Reformed Christian Church is NOT today the home of thousands of barbarian murderers and terrorists as Islam is home to Isis, terrorist bombers, Boko Haram, Al-Quaeda, Hamas etc.

It’s an example of the intellectual contortions which Muslims must make to make their religion sound sensible. Perhaps Martin Luther was inciting violence way back – but it would have been counter to the teachings of Jesus Christ!

The problem is this: violence in Islam fits perfectly with the LIFE AND TEACHINGS of their prophet. And in Islam believers are themselves NOT ALLOWED to question their ‘holy’ texts.

Sadly, despite our best efforts, Islam has let the West down when we welcomed it into our bosom. It has now shown its true colours, and no amount of hand-wringing well-meant attempts at re-branding it a religion of peace will change that. It is not, has never been and will never be a ‘religion of peace’ – it is perfectly debatable whether it is a religion at all – it has far more hallmarks of a Cult of Personality with Muhammad at its core. It is a cult bent on violence and domination and conquest. The sooner we accept that and deal with its consequences, the sooner we will reclaim our peaceful modern civilisation.

Douglas Murray says it best around 30 minutes in to the footage below – ‘Mohammed was a bad man, Islam is bad’ – the facts of the violence in the prophet’s life are legion – he himself killed and ordered killings. Murray posits it perfectly – the ‘good’ Muslims of today are so because they have differentiated between what their book says of violence and what morality as Humans requires – ie – they are good despite the book.

Douglas Murray says if you go back through the life of Christ – the WORST thing you will find is one verse in Matthew that talks about the sword. ALL the rest of his life and teachings are ‘Hippy Stuff’ by our standards of today – peace and love. If you go back to the origins of Islam you have the violent life of the prophet, his 9 wives, his increase in power and riches and his conquests. You have the Koran with its numerous ‘Sword’ verses and intolerance to women and non-believers. Basically – if a person wants to follow a religion of peace one would do MUCH better to follow Jesus’s messages than those of the prophet, the scriptures or the history or the current example of Islam.

The wonderful Ayaan later says (at 1h 16m) that the reason she lives under protection is because she is an Apostate from Islam. Those that would kill her are inspired by the scripture of the Koran, by the life of the prophet, by the Clerics that preach it is right to kill Apostates and the rewards promised in Islam in the hereafter for killing her.

She rightly asserts that Arab tribal customs such as prizing virginity in girls before marriage are behind the practice of denying girls education, and that were Muslim girls to be educated they might help bring peace to the religion. Uneducated mothers are mothers whose sons are easily radicalised.

Maajid’s closing comments asks the audience to vote for the motion of Islam as a religion of peace because it can be and because we would like it to be. There you have it – it is the obvious truth which our leaders won’t face up to – look at ALL the acts of terror and oppression Islam’s faithful commit throughout history and today – look at the preachers and the Islamic nations of the world – the fact is it is NOT NOW a religion of peace.

Perhaps it could be, though it would require the developing world to develop sophisticated economies, mass education of all children and a thriving peaceful civil society before it could. Islam thrives on discord, strife, poverty, inequality, ignorance and lack of a stable society based on Western values. Islam therefore rejects these values and actively fights against them by promoting the fraudulent idea that the West only wants to subjugate Muslims. This is clearly Islamic double-think – Boko Haram and Taliban kill and enslave children for this belief.

‘Islam is not the religion of peace – that is a nonsense and it is to ignore FACTS’ – I wish our politicians would all watch this video.


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