All Free Speech is NOT Created Equal

Oh ok – so I need to be beheaded for saying that Islamic free speech kills, whilst Civilised free speech doesn’t? Well I’ll say it again. OUR free speech criticises but doesn’t hope, expect, suggest or incite MURDER just because we don’t like something. Islam – yours clearly does.

This comes as in France, 73 year old Brigitte Bardot has been fined 15,000 Euros for saying that ‘Muslims are destroying our country and imposing their ways’.

And as France reports on a car attack on a policewoman without mentioning whether the drivers are Muslims or not (seeing as Car Jihad seems a hot new terror tactic).

I fully don’t expect the violent threat sent to me to result in a conviction – though I have reported it. Clearly – there is a complete double standard in prosecuting ‘Hate Crime’. Making simple criticism against Islam gets a large fine, but actually driving into a policewoman is discussed as if it were any young person doing it.

France has rightly imprisoned the vile anti-semitic ‘comedian’ Dieudonne, amongst others guilty of inciting hate, and Teresa May in the UK has said she wants to increase powers to prosecute Islamist hate if the Conservatives are re-elected – but it just seems as too little too late. Our governments have kow-towed to Islamist hate in the name of ‘multiculturalism’ whilst Muslims have incited violence and hate, abused and attacked non-Muslims quite freely.

The law against Hate Crime is in place – inciting violence is a crime. So why are people like Bardot being prosecuted for making perfectly rational legal points – she may be hurting feelings but she is NOT inciting actual harm. Yet Islamists have been inciting harm – as the evil tweet to me above shows and as all the attacks on the West by Islamists show. This is one of thousands of tweets by Muslims inciting hate AND violence openly. These should ALL be prosecuted for inciting hatred and violence – as it has been shown in all the Islamic terrorist attacks that Islamic hate speech DOES lead to radicalisation and thus to attacks – it is a radical distinction to make.

Upsetting a religion as Charlie Hebdo have been doing and making personal opinions heard (many will agree with Bardot) is harmless. NO MUSLIM HAS BEEN ATTACKED nor do any of us want to incite harm by criticising the religion.

That is the huge difference – we may offend, but this is within the law, yet we are being penalised for it wrongly. Muslims are inciting hatred of non-Muslims openly and threatening violence, as above, and NOT being prosecuted. This is insane. Not prosecuting Muslims who openly breach Hate Crime Laws leads to more such breaches and a growing sense of empowerment for those that would destroy our way of life.

It is completely unacceptable to disregard offences perpetrated by Muslims yet prosecute non-Muslims for imaginary crimes. We MUST demand our governments take the side of peaceful citizens over that of Islamists openly preaching hate.


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