We need an anti-Islamisation campaign that’s not tarred as ‘far-right’

It will be clear from my posts throughout January, that there is a growing need for an approach to Islamism/Islamisation that doesn’t come from the ‘far-right’ or rather, can’t be tarred as ‘far-right’ despite very likely being no such thing (PEGIDA).

I have been asking why our politicians won’t even acknowledge that Islam is at the heart of the Islamic terror that has so shocked France (Nothing to do with Islam).

A lot of people have been asking these same questions. Why is France recognising ‘Palestine’ and Angela Merkel criticising the peaceful PEGIDA marches whilst simultaneously standing up for free speech in Paris? Why are media outlets obsessing over imagined Islamophobic threats when ACTUAL murders of Jews have taken place? (France panders to Muslims)

Why are our Western leaders allowing a parallel law, Sharia, to rule over some of its citizens? Have we not fought for centuries in the West to obtain equal rights and personal freedom and a set of laws to protect the individual and civil society? Why are we giving these hard-won ideals up? Is it really just because some Muslims are brown, and we are afraid to offend?

What about the rights of Muslim wives and children bullied and even murdered in the name of backwards village tribal tradition in our countries? What about the rights of our citizens of other faiths to live peacefully without threat in our own lands? What about the rights of gays and women – are these to go the same way?

Christianity has had a rocky past – with many injustices meted out to believers and non-believers alike in the name of the Church. Colonialism was terrible and has left scars. McCarthyism was paranoid and ruined lives. Hiroshima and the Holocaust were all atrocities on an unimaginable scale. These happened not long ago. This is all true. Yet we have repented in the West, we know these were wrong, and we have tried to bring about peace in our time.

Sadly, I think these collective memories of the West’s very big failings are holding back our leaders and media from addressing what is the greatest threat to our hard won freedoms, our rights and our peace that we are facing. We have become un-warlike. No Western nation wants war again after the last century’s appalling conflicts.

Yet War is not what is needed here. We should be acting against Islamisation of the West, and Islamism worldwide, in a concerted effort of civilised governments against this evil. We should battle the ideology worldwide – and no better place to start than at home.

We should be unafraid to say – yes, the West has failed in the past – but we know better now. We have had to evolve, and what we are facing is a conflict with a force of ideology which has not evolved since the 7th Century.

Just because some Muslims are brown matters not – the Left has a knee-jerk reaction which equates all Muslims with vulnerable ethnic minorities. I would be equally critical of a white red-haired Muslim convert as I would of a black Somali Muslim if either were committing Hate Crime.

Yet other ethnic minorities manage to succeed in society and contribute without ANY of their number feeling the need to massacre other citizens – presumably they also feel racism and discrimination at times but they take responsibility for their lives and don’t blame all of their problems on others.

In Muslim countries the freedoms and rights we cherish and fought for and extend to our minorities, are non-existent. The people in Muslim majority states are oppressed, there is lack of gender equality, violence and a frightening lack of tolerance for minorities who can be killed for being gay, apostasy and even for being raped. Boko Haram in Nigeria now controls land the size of Belgium and kills thousands for wanting Western education. FGM is happening in our Western nations now, as are Islamic faith schools which teach that Sharia is better than the laws of the land.

Why should we head into a state where we are threatened with increasing pressure on our governments to bend to the needs of Sharia law? Why should there be one set of rules for one group, and another for the rest of us? If Muslims want equality they must be asked to live like us, according to our laws, and respecting other human beings as we respect them. Presumably, they came to the West to improve their lives – so why want to change our civilisation to emulate their home nations’ chaos, oppression and superstitions?

Here in the West we separate Church and State – why should this not apply to Muslim citizens too? Why are they allowed to demand special treatment, advocate Sharia law which rejects the law of the land, preach hate towards non-Muslims openly and support terrorist regimes? If we similarly shouted ‘Death’ to them, if it were Christians or Mormons who committed ‘Honour Killings’ or the systematic rape of non-believers – we would expect them to be prosecuted – but they are not.

The horrible irony is that according to the Liberal media, anyone who speaks out against Islam’s sad but factual propensity towards oppression (especially of minorities, women and gays), violence and conquest is branded far-right.

Yet it is Islam itself as a belief system which has most in common with fascist regimes – Muslim societies and Sharia law are extremely intolerant, oppressive and supremacist. This is what we want to avoid – it is we who oppose Islam who are like the Jews in the 1930s and they are like the Nazis – Islamists openly profess to want to stop our freedoms, curtail our rights and remove the rule of our laws.

Islamists are notoriously anti-semitic – they hate Jews and have expelled Jews from their lands. They also kill Christians, Yazidis, minority religions and other Muslims. This is all unacceptable, and any support for it in the West should be treated by our governments as very serious offences under treason law and hate crime law. Deporting supporters of terror and hate preachers would be a start. Ending special rights for them such as Halal food, Sharia courts, cousin marriage, the wearing of the veil and anti-Western preaching. Integration should be a requirement as should learning the local language. Abuse of others by Muslims cannot be tolerated simply on the belief that they should be treated differently because they demand it. It is in fact a racist belief that Muslims should be treated differently from other denominations – why should they? Just because some are brown doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold them as accountable as any other race or culture.

It is time our governments acted on the Islamic threat – and stopped pandering to the idea that opposition to Islamism is in any way far-right, extreme or Islamophobic.

It is not – it is actually a cause the Left ought to support were it not so completely embroiled in its own process of double think where Islam = good (No matter what) and Israel and Islamo-realism = Bad (no matter what).

Conservative Islam completely annihilates the rights of gays and of women and of other religions. They treat other races extremely badly too – even still enslaving blacks. Islamists kill children just for going to school because they are afraid that Western education will threaten the brainwashing of their children. Islam is just as much a cult as Scientology – and we would not allow Scientologists to go round blowing up media offices, killing journalists and cartoonists, hunting and massacring non-believers, blowing up Embassies etc just because people disagreed with them? In fact people openly do disagree with Scientology but are they put to death for this dissent? No, of course not.

If the Left doesn’t see fighting the oppression and violence of Islam globally as a worthy cause then I have to look to the Right – but see no-one willing to stand up who actually has any power. In fact, the news that the Hacking group Anonymous has decided to stop Isis has been the best news I have heard on the matter – I believe they are more able and motivated than our governments clinging to the belief that ‘this has nothing to do with Islam’.

We need to find a serious politician who will tackle this issue from the centre ground of politics but tackle it properly. NO more pretending ‘This has nothing to do with Islam’ – there is a very big problem with Islam and its relations to everyone else – and action is needed now.


3 thoughts on “We need an anti-Islamisation campaign that’s not tarred as ‘far-right’”

  1. Well said. I generally see myself as quite leftist and am puzzled why other like-minded individuals aren’t more concerned about the erosion of things I hold sacred: gender equality, respect for people of all backgrounds, and freedom of speech. I am sick of cultural relativism. All cultures are not equal. A society that mutilates children is NOT as good as mine. A society that kills people because they worship a different god (or no god) is NOT as good as mine. A society that treats women like property is NOT as good as mine.

    1. Thank you – though you said it better than me! It’s a lack of imagination I think which leads the Left to automatically equate Islam = good despite its massive track record of violence especially against women and children and minorities.

  2. I could not agree more! I find myself asking these very same questions every time (which is every day) when I see what is happening to Europe and here in the US. What are the answers? Why are our leaders allowing this to happen? And, why are people committed to human rights and democracy branded as far right racists?

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