France Panders to Islamic Sensitivity whilst Jews are Being Driven Out

“Thirteen-year-olds, 14-year-olds saying, ‘You shouldn’t insult the Prophet. The killing is justified.’”

Do Jews Have A Future in France – The Daily Beast

Today France had to deploy 10,000 Army troops to protect Jewish schools and Synagogues in France from possible anti-semitic attack. Why should this be? Because Friday’s horrific slaughter in a Kosher store was planned by an Isis-supporter Jihadi as an act against Jews specifically.

France is just as much the home of French Jews as it is French Muslims. Yet the authorities are tacitly allowing anti-Jewish sentiment within the Muslim community – at the expense of the French Jewish community. Why on earth would it do this? French Jews are living honest and peaceful lives, whereas crime is rife in the French Muslim community. French Jews assimilate, whereas clearly, as the Charlie Hebdo attacks make clear – French Muslims have a hard core which holds virulent anti-Jew, anti-French sentiment.

“If 100,000 French people of Spanish origin were to leave, I would never say that France is not France anymore. But if 100,000 Jews leave, France will no longer be France. The French Republic will be judged a failure.”  French Prime Minister Manuel Valls

Let’s try to substitute ‘French people of Muslim faith’ for Spaniards in the quote above – would France be lessened by their departure en masse? In fact – clearly – it would probably be a relief if the Muslims who clearly hate France and support terrorist acts were to leave. It would certainly be a relief to France’s Jews who know perfectly well, even if France’s leaders won’t acknowledge it that Muslims are virulently anti-semitic and hate Jews – it is part of the Islamic tradition. See Douglas Murray on the dirty secret of Islamic Jew Hate.

This is not Islamophobia – but Islamorealism.

The Sunday Times, in an article entitled ‘Civilisation Under Siegereported this:

“It was reported…that in a school in Lille the minute of silence [for the Charlie massacre] was sabotaged by an adolescent shouting, ‘I’ll blow you away with a Kalash’ – street slang for Kalashnikov.

In one elementary school 80% of pupils refused to observe the silence; and some Imams omitted to mention Charlie Hebdo and the other victims…

More recently however, have come far more disturbing signs of the hatred [Algerian descendants feel for France]: for many nominally French citizens there is no greater hero, even on the football pitch, than Mohamed Merah, the Algerian-origin ‘motorbike killer’ who shot dead seven people, including a rabbi, his two young sons and another, eight-year-old child in Toulouse in 2012.”

And this from the FT shows how Jews are being targeted in France:

“France also leads the pack in a different sorry statistic: it suffered more anti-Semitic incidents in 2013 than any other western country and the number of such acts has risen sevenfold this century, according to the European Jewish Congress.” From the Financial Times. 

Surely – France must not only acknowledge the meaning of this exodus and confront and deal with the root cause of these attacks – the rotten and vicious ideology of Islamism. And sorry – but no, there would be no Islamism without Islam. The clue is in the title.

“The former teacher of the brothers who shot 12 people dead with Kalashnikov rifles in the Charlie Hebdo magazine attacks said their “low intellect” made them susceptible to being recruited by groups intent on inflicting terror.” From The Independent

Yes, disadvantage whether intellectual or social is clearly a factor in helping us understand the madness of Islamism, but Islam has its roots in the violent Caliphate set up by its own beloved prophet. Following his life in the Hadith is a matter of religious principle – as he is the ‘perfect man’.  Islamism is a popular ideology amongst disaffected and stupid youth as it gives them the chance to be famous for 15 minutes, under the guise of following Allah. This, combined with the history of hatred that the bloody French colonial period bred in the hearts of Algerians is a toxic soup.

I think it is high time that France stood up for its Jews – not just by protecting them from extremist violence – it should not have to do this! The French Jews have as much right as anyone to live free of terror as they are NOT the ones from whose community comes this violent Jihadist terror. They ought not to be the ones to suffer for the sins of the Muslim community and of the French authorities who have not stamped out extremism before now.

The killers of last week’s French massacre were known to the French authorities. Reports such as those above from French teachers of blatant Islamic uprising in schools should be enough to cause the authorities to investigate the parents of these children who are clearly teaching them all this hate at home.

The fact is – many French and other European Muslims welcome these killings – and acknowledging this will not make Islamophobia a problem, as the media seems to think, but rather help us to weed this killer disease out of our societies.

I have written before about how the memory of the Holocaust and of McCarthyism is very likely behind the flat out refusal of our governments to acknowledge the problem and to act as they should – deport all known terrorist sympathisers, monitor Muslim communications and ban hate speech. This would be a good start and show the world that we will NOT accept this kind of hate to fester in our world. This is the civilised world and we will NOT allow the values of 7th century Arab warfare to become acceptable values in OUR world.

The fact is – Jews are part of this civilised world – as evidenced when looking at how Israel is a model of democracy, tolerance, equality and freedom (and economic success) within the broiling Middle Eastern oven of violence, oppression, intolerance and inequality. Yet our authorities, in only protecting the Jews and not addressing the root cause of this new calamity are sending out a message to the world – we will tolerate this hate and violence coming from the Muslim community. Why is this? A mixed up fear of returning to the crazed hatred of Fascism – but the fact is – it is Muslims who are behaving like the fascists today – NO-ONE else. In taking steps to eradicate Islamism we are simply preventing a spiral into Fascist hatred and violence against Jews especially. This is clear – why isn’t it clear to our governments.

In every comment in the media since the Charlie attacks, the prevalence of concerns about rising ‘Islamophobia’ is noticeable – yet not so much – or at all – a message to Muslims to leave us alone, stop being violent, and that we will not tolerate any more hate, especially towards Jews. And you’d better believe it – whilst Islam hates the West, it hates Jews even more and has a rich tradition and history of persecution of Jews.

Where are concerns about our Western values, our peace and the safety of our people – especially Jews? Some people worrying about Islam is perfectly reasonable in the light of our people being butchered by theirs. Islamophobia is a get-out clause to obscure the facts – Islam is at war with the West simply because our values are intrinsically opposed to a religion which sees non-believers as sub-human and only to be destroyed. Ignoring this gives tacit approval to Islam and grows the beast.

That is what our leaders need to think about – and our media too, while we are about it. And then they need to take action.

Protecting Jews from persecution without addressing the cause of the persecution is like treating a cancer with paracetamol.

Douglas Murray in the Spectator – on Mehdi Hassan acknowledging Islamic anti-semitism.

‘More than a thousand Jews were killed in anti-Jewish rioting during the 1940’s in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria andYemen.(13) This helped trigger the mass exodus of Jews from Arab countries.’

From: The persecution of Jews by Muslims:


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