Pandering to Islam has Grown the Beast

ISIS-Map.jpg (475×356)

The more we appease, the more we indulge, the more emboldened the enemies of freedom become. Ayaan Hirsi-Ali in the Daily Beast

This is the sentiment that best encapsulates where our leaders have gone wrong since 9/11 heralded the start of this new wave of increasing violence from Islamic Jihadists, and where we should be headed from now on to stop this thing once and for all.

Instead of realising that this was a war to be fought on home soil, with not just foreign actors but home-grown ones too, our leaders went to Afghanistan and Iraq – where they found out that it is impossible to contain all that evil – once they left, the evil returned.

Instead, they should have immediately deported all radical preachers and anyone found to be espousing their messages. Where to? Who cares. Guantanamo was a start but clearly there is a massive amount of support for Jihad amongst Muslims in the West – whatever the number, it is easy enough to discover who they are. They are vocal on social media and in demonstrations. Prisons are full of Muslims radicalising and turning inmates against their home Nations. We should have swept them all away immediately, and cut off communications to the Muslim world. 

This is the same as the Cold War – we need not necessarily nuke any sovereign states to make our point, but we should certainly be prepared to should they not stop funding terror and exporting it. There must be the technology to monitor communications better – if commercial entities can target advertising based on my browsing history surely the security services can similarly send out spider-bots or whatever to identify people surfing radical sites. These people must be deported no matter what the Human Rights law says – our Right to Life trumps the right of potential Jihadis to act freely.

We should have made it clear immediately after 9/11 or 7/7 or the Mumbai or Madrid that we will not allow the promotion of treasonous and dangerous ideology within our lands. We should have seen this for what it was – I think the people did, but our leaders have constantly fudged the issue. We are at war with Islam – there is no doubt about it. Nice Muslims will not be looking at material inciting hate, they will not attend Mosques where hate is preached – just like the rest of us they will have a safe haven in a society that is free of the cancer of this hate.

The fact is that the seeds of the fight we are now embroiled in is within Islam itself – specifically the life of the prophet. Our leaders should have known this and not allowed large scale migration of Muslims into our lands (barring perhaps those that so disagree with Sharia etc that they are under threat in Islamic lands). From now on – no more Muslim immigration.

Next we should have reinstated national service for both sexes. Also made it a requirement at 18 for young people swear allegiance to their countries and learn about the benefits of democracy and of the freedoms we take for granted in our lands. Israel makes incomers learn Hebrew and do national service – they know from painful experience that if you let your people be weak you will not be able to fight when the time comes.

And it has come, and look at our youth – fat, barely literate, unfit, unmotivated, un-engaged and despondent. Getting the youth of our lands into battle ready shape would be good for everyone. The most vulnerable should be protected from radical elements most – yet we have allowed Islamism to thrive in poor areas and in prisons. This is a madness which we must not allow our leaders to get away with for a second more.

The fact that we didn’t hit back hard enough, that we continued to pander to Islam in the West has been to our detriment. It has allowed the spectre of terror to grow in the breast of our enemies – who, weak at first, have become emboldened by our lending gravitas to their cause, by showing fear we have awoken the rabid dog. Then we have nourished it with the oxygen of publicity (always sensitive to Islam we have allowed the media to promote it), and the beast has grown. We have pandered to Palestinian anti-semitism and ignored its aggression towards Israel. France has gone so far as to recognise Palestine. Days later it was attacked by the same Islamists who would destroy Israel.

We have fed hate to destroy ourselves – or rather the weakness and wilful ignorance of our leaders has done this to us. Still today only Tommy Robinson in the UK is brave enough to speak out publicly in defence of our British values – his EDL is called a far-right group, and he is called a Nazi. Yet all he is doing is standing up against intolerance, oppression and totalitarianism – as our government should be but isn’t doing. He hates neo-Nazis as much as Islamists and is reviled by them right back. He lives in Luton – a hotbed of Islamic hate preaching – yet when he has reported it the police have been more intent on gagging him that in investigating the claims. The speech he gave to the Oxford Union is frightening for anyone who doesn’t live in a town like Luton. Watch it here.

The slack response of our politicians has allowed open rejection of Western values to flourish unchecked. Islamic schools teach British children to disavow British values and law. Abuse of girls by Muslim men has been brushed under the carpet. Racist attacks perpetrated by Muslims are ignored even when reported to the police – all for fear or seeming racist! This is appeasement madness – Islam is the ideology which is responsible for the greatest abuses of Human Rights in the world right now – everywhere Islam is in a majority or near it, there is violence and slaughter of non-Muslims. Boko Haram, Isis, Al-Quaeda etc are just a few.

Just as the Hindus and Buddhists found in the 8th Century, Muslims first enter a nation in the guise of traders, business people simply selling things. Soon they build Mosques and begin to convert, then they take over by force of violence. Islam has in this way conquered swathes of the world which was previously non-Muslim. Today it uses our Human Rights laws against us – using the right to free speech to preach against their host nations, using the Right to Religious Freedom to promote hatred against other religions. This is the reality which every sentient person in the West understands except the Left wing, the media and our politicians. We need a leader of Churchillian resolve to lead us out of this oncoming darkness.

Instead our leaders fret about non-Muslims showing tolerance to Muslims! The fact is that we do – Islamophobia is a Myth. We need Islamorealism in order to resist this aggression.

We have home bred bombers. Attacks foiled only thanks to intelligence. Actual attacks within our lands. Car Jihad, kidnappings, hostages, shootings – all in the name of Islam. How much more must we take before we act? When will we start to act as we sensibly did in the Cold War and WWII?

We must openly reject this ideology and expel its proponents. Seize their property and send them to Isis. In Isis we have a great opportunity – a state that is full of people of such hate. Send ours out there and then blow them up. That should be a disincentive enough to stop Islamic hatred spiralling into terror any longer in our Civilised World.

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Had we given Islam a short sharp shock after 9/11 or 7/7 we may have avoided more attacks.

Had we nipped Isis in the bud in its embryonic stages we might have avoided its disgusting growth like a cancer across the Middle East. Had we taken a firm hand with Hamas – foster parent of Jihad – rather than have the UN and UNRWA pandering to their childlike complaints whilst ignoring their own aggression towards Jews – we may have given Islam a pause.

Yet we didn’t – it is not in our culture or nature any more – since Hiroshima showed us the atrocity possible using weapons of mass destruction  – to use what we ourselves like to term – disproportionate force. This is why Israel is criticised – but sadly, ONLY disproportionate force stops these raging maniacs in their tracks. We must come to terms with it – being well armed and ready for battle and responding to attacks with force keeps Israel safe. We have tried to pander to multiculturalism and an understanding of Islam and look where that got us.

Sadly, we must understand this – the only language Islamism understands is that of the violent strong man – much like Russians, or like Dogs looking for a pack leader. They need a show of force or  they begin to feel the need to become the dominant power and lead the pack towards destruction.

Our only option now that our governments have failed to nip this evil in the bud is as follows:

1) We must put strong new laws in place specifically to limit Human Rights where Islam is  concerned. It will be unpopular to say the least, but necessary to stop the ideology spreading and destroying ALL Human Rights for us all.

2) Deport all Muslims who show signs of radicalisation especially but not limited to hate preachers. One strike and you’re out with any criminal Muslims. Use Treason Laws and Hate Crime Laws to stamp out the open hatred of the Nation. It breeds more hatred in individual, private hearts. Confiscate property of terrorists and deport their families.

3) All Muslims must be made to take lessons in Western values, swear allegiance and learn English if required. They must be told that we will no longer allow Mosques to be built, we will destroy Mosques where radical preachers have preached, and we will no longer allow Sharia law or Muslim faith schools. Halal food will no longer be allowed. Pandering to this religion simply allows radicals to take advantage of our freedoms. Yes, ‘moderates’ will miss out, but the choice has been made for us by those of their persuasion which have attacked us over and over. We didn’t set out to discriminate – we have been discriminated against.

If these tactics do not work, and we are again attacked in our home grounds, we must expel all Muslims. We would not have co-existed with Germans in the World Wars, nor Russians in the Cold War, nor ANY communists for that matter. Why should we continue to live with adherents to a belief system which seems to find it impossible NOT to harm us.

Last but not least – to nuke a Muslim nation should make the point clearly – leave us the hell alone or we will destroy you. Trying to bring democracy to these states has been foolhardy – they sadly revert to chaos and butchery once our forces of good leave. We should end relations with the Muslim world except to continue to expect better behaviour from them and a respect for Israel’s integrity. Failing this we must attack using our nuclear arsenal – or this will be a war without end.

Allies must be clearly defined and include China and Russia as well as our natural allies in India and South America and Japan. We must have strict military presence on borders to ensure their security – we have the military and technological ability to do this, and we must.

It is sad, but we have let Muslims in to our lands and welcomed them and afforded them education, rights, the benefits of the secular state, and employment. The biggest thing we have felt in return is an abuse of those rights, attacks on our people on our own soil, and a shameless disregard for the hand that feeds.


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