A Few Reactions from Muslims on #CharlieHebdo massacre

I find it amazing that hours after the massacre at Charlie Hebdo by Islamic Terrorists, the reaction from MOST Muslim commentators I have happened across (not gone looking for) has been one of equivalence over the cartoons of Mohamed and the killing of 12 cartoonists.



This is the very worst of Educated, Western, Muslim women smugly asserting that ‘Freedom of Speech is Not Absolute’

And of course, because our media outlets pander to this moronic moral equivalence between offensive cartoons and murder, the green light is given for more abuse, by Muslims, ideally of Jews.

And the tacit approval Islam gets from all our governments and news media allows the show to go on:


Meanwhile – delightful reaction from an old Family Guy to suicide bombing 72 virgins promise:

And a HIGHLY sensible meme here:

This looks like it was from the Palestine protests – still worrying display of hate –



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