What should our reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre be?

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President Hollande says ‘We are a country of freedom. And because we are a country of freedom we will be able to face these threats’.

But is this really true? Is it not much more likely that our freedoms are not just under serious threat but are also in fact enabling the threat? By allowing those that would destroy our freedom to be free to spread their messages of hate for us we are helping them destroy everything we hold dear.

No-one really wants a Big Brother society in which our every movement is seen and recorded both out on the streets and in the privacy of our online world. No-one really wants a return to Cold War paranoia where everyone was a possible ‘Fifth Columnist’ and therefore suspect. I grew up believing the paranoia of McCarthyism in the US against suspected Communists was a terrible moment in the history of the world. I still believe that many many people were unfairly suspected then, and had their lives ruined for no more reason than being bohemian in lifestyle. This nightmarish period has left an indelible stain on our collective memories in the West I think – our leaders are scared to go back there. It was such a relief when the Cold War came to an end, and when the truth of life in Soviet Russia came to light it was collectively agreed that communism was a failed doctrine which destroyed entire nations, yet the excesses of the witch-hunts of Western nations against their own citizens were also wrong and not to be repeated.

It is probable however that this memory of the fear and suspicion of the Cold War is stopping our leaders today from taking the actions which are needed to stop the threat of Islam which is profound, and growing.

We are at war in the West against the forces of darkness which have Islam at their hearts. It is a war of Darkness and Ignorance, of Superstition, Oppression, Aggression and Fear against Light, Enlightenment, Science, Democracy, Freedom and Peace.

This is a war – and as Ayaan Hirsi-Ali said tonight on Newsnight, one that we did not start.

It is more akin to the the Cold War than the last two World Wars, where we fought an outside enemy with a patriotic nation-wide effort. Today we in the West all have potential Fifth Columnists in our large Muslim populations. France has 5 million Muslims or 8% of its population. The largest in Europe. In the UK we have almost 3 million. Not all of these are by any means radical or opposed to our way of life – but the problem is identifying those that are.

During neither World Wars would we have happily allowed millions of Germans to set up German cultural centres, German schools and German Churches in our countries. During the Cold War communist activity was proscribed and we would similarly not have allowed Communist groups to hold large scale meetings or promote the ideology within our borders.

So why are our governments making no effort to deal with the ideology which causes the Islamic extremism which threatens us all with attacks similar to the horror experienced today in Paris? Yes, Islam is a religion, and there is a protection for Religious Belief under the Human Rights law. But is this protection now one of the vehicles for the destruction of the rights and freedoms we hold dearest in the West?

Islam contains all the seeds for ongoing threat to non-believers (see The Threat of Islam) and Islam supported the Nazis in WWII and has since been the faith of the vast majority of terrorists attacking the West (see List of Islamic Terror Attacks).

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There are no doubt many good Muslims who want to maintain the freedoms of the countries they or their ancestors immigrated to, who combine their faith with loyalty for the West. But it is easy enough to identify those Muslims who do not hold any love or loyalty for our way of life. So surely we should be already deporting these to the new-found Islamic State?

My grandfather was half German half Italian and fought (and died) in the Wehrmacht. He fought for Germany despite being married to a Belgian woman. He fought because he was immensely patriotic. He was a good man but I and my family are glad Germany lost the war, although it was tragic that the success of the Allies involved his death. We are glad that we live in a free country which is not an outpost of Germany. Germans today are rightly ashamed of their 20th Century history of war. It is RIGHT that we fully reject the failed and evil ideology of fascism which led to the Holocaust of 6 million Jews.

Russians and the West are all glad Communism has been shown to fail. Again – it is clearly RIGHT that Communism and Socialism are no longer viable ideologies and the proof of totalitarian regimes in practice brought their failings into sharp relief.

But how can we fight the new threat to our freedom and way of life that we face today – Islam – without taking more radical action than we are today? How can we trust ANY Muslim when the Koran is being used so widely to incite hatred for us non-Muslims? It is like saying ‘Not all Germans were Nazis’ – which, as with my grandfather, was true. But that did not stop WWII nor the Holocaust from happening.

And what if we are wrong? What if Muslims in the West are not mostly moderate and law-abiding? What if the tribal, family and religious allegiance of Muslims is stronger than their allegiance and loyalty to us and our ways of life in the West?

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I and my parents gave up our Catholicism long ago in light of the way the Church covered up its sex abuses, its treatment of unmarried women and its views on the use of condoms even in the light of how the AIDS epidemic was killing millions in Africa. There is no way I would let my son be brought up by Catholics in a Catholic school. I still like to pray, but just expect God to be a bigger entity than religious people expect – I don’t think God needs me to perform rituals nor attend Church. I simply believe being a good person and meeting core moral standards is enough for any superior being if one exists.

I don’t therefore think it is too much to ask that Muslims who value life in the West openly state this and swear loyalty. Any who refuse should be deported on the basis of Treason. The threat is too great for us not to ask this of Muslims. If they truly love the freedom and democracy of the West (which is presumably why they immigrated here in the first place) then there should be no problem in swearing allegiance to Queen and Country, and revoking all and any demands for special treatments based on Islam be it Sharia Law, Halal butchery, the building of Mosques, wearing the Veil or any other practices which run counter to our Western way of life. If these measures still don’t eradicate the violence towards non-Muslims, then sadly all Muslims should seek alternative homes.

This is why Muslims should be fighting strongly against Islamism as it is the biggest threat to their continuing to live in our countries. We didn’t choose this and had no problem with Islam before it began killing us simply for existing.

This, Liberals will no doubt say, could be a small step away from our Governments using new powers to rule over the rest of us in newly authoritarian ways. But frankly, I’d rather David Cameron read my emails than some raging Islamist blew up my Husband’s train carriage or that my son were to have to grow up in a majority Muslim nation with Sharia Law.

Imams should be vetted to ensure they are suitable to preach – and should be at least second generation Muslims rather than new entrants from Islamic lands. We see the lack of tolerance, oppression and violence in all Islamic lands and we do not want this to spread in our lands. We must stand up for the peace and freedom we hold so dear and make it heard – Islamism is not to be tolerated and ‘Moderate’ Muslims are to live like the rest of us or leave. This is not and never will be a Muslim country. Yes, it is a melting pot of different genetic pools, but there has to come a time where we stop allowing the nature of the Nation to morph into something we no longer recognise. If we wanted to live in Algeria, Turkey, Pakistan or Somalia we would presumably go there – so why would we allow our countries to become versions of these backwards, regressive and violent states?

It has to be understood – it is not some form of racist intolerance to fear and loathe Islam – it is rational and peaceful – we want to MAINTAIN our tolerant, peaceful way of life and Islam threatens this. Islam started this war and we are just defending ourselves.

I am also half-Indian, and as such I feel strongly that anti-Islam feelings may turn into racism – but all I love is here in the West. It is too good NOT to fight for, and it is too fragile to continue to pander to political correctness. My identity is not and never was Indian – I am British and European and most of all Western. My father came to England because he wanted modernity. He loved his people but he knew there would be greater opportunities in England to grow as a human being. And there were. There was better healthcare, better work and conditions, better education, and better chances for his daughter.

I believe in the Enlightenment and in Rock and Roll. I believe in the Rolling Stones and in Martin Luther-King. I believe in Beethoven and in Churchill and above all the freedom we all enjoy – especially as a woman – which is greater than at any other time. Islam is the biggest threat to this all – except perhaps Left-liberalism which obfuscates and obscures the reality of this war. It is a war with Islam and it is time we all stood for what we believe in. We did not choose this – and will fight peacefully using the Law and discourse – but we must be strong or we will be beaten down violently.

Some sources of interesting information:

Ayaah Hirsi-Ali’s comment on the Paris massacre:

How we respond to this attack is of great consequence. If we take the position that we are dealing with a handful of murderous thugs with no connection to what they so vocally claim, then we are not answering them. We have to acknowledge that today’s Islamists are driven by a political ideology, an ideology embedded in the foundational texts of Islam. We can no longer pretend that it is possible to divorce actions from the ideals that inspire them.

This would be a departure for the West, which too often has responded to jihadist violence with appeasement. We appease the Muslim heads of government who lobby us to censor our press, our universities, our history books, our school curricula. They appeal and we oblige. We appease leaders of Muslim organizations in our societies. They ask us not to link acts of violence to the religion of Islam because they tell us that theirs is a religion of peace, and we oblige.

What do we get in return? Kalashnikovs in the heart of Paris. The more we oblige, the more we self-censor, the more we appease, the bolder the enemy gets.













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