A message from a German Jew on Pegida

This wonderful man is telling truth to media. Specifically to the Left wing media which is hyping the Pegida movement in Germany against Islamification and turning it into a Nazi movement. It is not. Jews know this, gays know this, women know this. Anyone who loves Europe as it is and (like my father) came here as an immigrant, we love Europe for what it is. As this wonderful man says, we come to Europe with love and respect and awe in our hearts. Jewish, Indian, Chinese, immigrant forefathers came here because of all the good aspects of Europe – freedom, democracy, enlightenment, secularism, tolerance. Germany is ashamed, rightly, of its past warlike nature and intolerance. 

Yet in trying to atone for this, it is letting in Muslims by the millions – and the native Germans as well as the non-Muslim immigrants young and new are seeing this for the threat it is. Islam threatens the nature of Europe because unlike other immigrants Muslims soon begin to demand special treatment, Sharia law, halal food, women to be covered up, religious schools which reject the laws of the land – until regions become no-go areas for natives and other immigrants alike.

I testify to this as a curious mix – my grandfather fought for the Wehrmacht and was also half Italian, and died in Poland during WWII, whilst his wife was Beligian. My father was Indian and immigrated to the UK in the 1950s. He always fitted in because he LOVED the British, and similarly my Belgian/German/Italian mother similarly had a little French accent and lives in France now but most of her friends there and back here are still Brits – she is an Anglophile. I love all of Europe, old and new, and understand how Germans want to make up for their past sins. But allowing their nation to become a haven for the most intolerant, violent and vicious immigrants is not the answer – Germans above all should stand against religious and ideological fanaticism, and that is what Islam is. Islam is the biggest threat to German Jews, and also to other immigrants and native Germans.

Pegida is not a Nazi phenomenon – it is a spontaneous display of passionate love for freedom, tolerance and goodness against the force that would stamp these out. Look at Islamic countries – look at the treatment of Gays, women, children, Christians. There are simply NO Jews in most Arab Muslim lands. This is not a simple happenstance. This is because Muslims persecuted Jews living in their lands until they had to flee.

Look instead at nations which welcomed Jews – look how New York and London prospered thanks to the cultural, scientific, technological and intellectual benefits which Jews have brought. They, like the Indians and Chinese have never thought to dominate or transform their new homelands. They have been grateful to be allowed to live in peace, as they choose, to practice their religion at home and to be accepted into all areas of society – right to the very top.

India remembers the advent of Islam during the Mughal period – Hindus were massacred in the thousands and forced to convert to Islam or die. It was a genocide. Indians do not remind people of this or hate Muslims – they have moved on and through this, succeeded. There is something in the Arab/Muslim mentality which only wants revenge and domination curiously mixed up with victim-hood. No integration is in this mentality – but rather submission of other beliefs and peoples into its own rigidly intolerant totalitarian ideology.

Allowing this in Europe, America, anywhere we have that fragile state of peace and democracy is allowing the seeds of our own destruction. I say this as a daughter of immigrants German and Indian – Pegida is for freedom – it is against modern-day Nazis who masquerade as that well beloved type of the Left – ethnic races and refugees.

I don’t understand why anyone would WANT to come to the West, knowing it will be radically different to one’s world back home, and then want to transform it into just as backwards a place as is back home? Surely they came because they aspired to a better life? But then refusing to integrate, to abide by the customs of the host country and sometimes to even learn the language is hardly going to help these people to participate in the best aspects of their new societies?

I feel for the middle class, educated Muslims, and any traditional Muslims who are not remotely interested in  fundamentalist ideology. But they should also spare a thought for the rest of us. We have seen Muslim doctors and teachers try and succeed to bomb us in the UK. We cannot understand how it is possible to be educated and adhere to fundamental readings of Islam. But some do. That is a fact and that is all we can work with. The longer we have Islam in Europe and any non-Muslim countries, the greater our threat of further violence.


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